Time to Quit Your Gym And Follow These 7 Great Tips to Make Your Own Home Gym For the Lockdown 2021

Are you sick of smelly gyms that overcharge memberships? Does the thought of hundreds of other people touching the equipment you’re using trigger your gag reflex? Or, are you not even able to go to a gym due to the lockdown?

Well, if you’re serious about exercising yet you seriously don’t like gyms, this is the rightest time to build your own, private home gym. Worried about how to start from 0? These 7 factors to consider for home gym ideas will be what you need.

It can be just as lux and high-tech as the one in your local mall, so don’t worry and get to work.

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How Should I Make My Own Workout Room?

Building your own workout room isn’t just about finding a room and putting down all the equipment you have. We have summarized 7 most important actions you may overlook which include:

  • Find the right location.
  • Adapt your walls and ceilings.
  • Think of your flooring.
  • Choose the right equipment.
  • Add practical storage.
  • Put up some mirrors.
  • Invest in some finishing touches.

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Find the Right Location

If you don’t lack space in your home, you’re in luck because you’ll have plenty of space for your home gym ideas. Your best choice is definitely somewhere on the ground floor because gym equipment can be quite heavy and you’ll have to reinforce upper stories.

Another thing that puts the ground floor in front of the upper floor is sound insulation. Rowing machines and treadmills are very noisy, so unless you live alone, you’ll need some sound-proofing to keep the rest of your house livable.

If your options in the house are limited, garage conversions are always popular. No matter your location, you’ll need to provide every machine with at least 2m2 of space to allow easy operation.

Adapt Your Walls and Ceilings

If you’re planning to do some boxing or love battle rope training, you’ll need to reinforce your walls and ceilings and secure heavy items.

You don’t want your ropes to come flying at you while you’re in the middle of a heated session!


Think of Your Flooring

Flooring for your home gym is very important. You want something that is slip-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear from weights, equipment, and foot traffic.

While carpet provides good sound insulation, it’s hard to keep clean. Stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are both slippery and susceptible to cracks if you drop weights.

Your safest choice is special shock-absorbent rubber flooring. This material is slip-resistant, durable, and available in many colors.

But if you’re doing a working room for your bedroom ideas, you will have to pay more attention to the appearance of the flooring.

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Choose the Right Equipment

Now comes the fun part—the equipment. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to invest in essentials like a few dumbbells and resistance bands for strength exercises and a yoga mat for balance and stretching.

If you want additional equipment, think some kettlebells and medicine balls for resistance training and some foam rollers for recovery.

If you’re passionate about cardio, you can design a workout room for runners and include a treadmill. This will allow you to run even when the weather is ugly or when it’s dark outside.

Strength training equipment is also necessary for serious runners because it improves your core strength and balance. Consider adding a bench in your home gym.

Add Practical Storage

home gym rack

Do you always forget doing workouts with your mats, dumbbells, and bands? If you keep all your small equipment hidden in drawers, it’s very likely you’ll forget about them and never use them.

However, that doesn’t mean you can keep your gym cluttered. Racks and open shelves are perfect for everything from balls and jump ropes to dumbbells, mats, and yoga blocks. Don’t leave them out from your home gym ideas, this type of storage will keep everything neat yet at arm’s reach so that you have a clear idea of what to do today.

Put Up Some Mirrors

home gym mirror

Mirrors are very useful (and not only for gym selfies). Watching yourself exercise is crucial if you want to maintain good form and avoid injury, especially if you’re alone in the gym.

While it’s not as good as a personal trainer, your floor-to-ceiling mirror can help your exercises and even provide you with some motivation.

Invest in Some Finishing Touches

Your gym should be practical, so make sure to stock it with plenty of towels and cool water. If you’re aiming for luxury, a mini-fridge filled with Gatorade and vitamin water is a perfect hydration solution.

You can also invest in a smart TV that will allow you to watch fitness videos or catch up with your favorite Netflix show as you run. If you are thinking about a home gym in bedroom ideas, this will kill two birds with one stone – You can also chill out in bed at night!

And don’t forget about relaxation and comfort! If you want to treat yourself to ultimate wellbeing, think about getting a massage chair or a home sauna for most effective cool-downs.

It will also fit in your bedroom ideas if you are considering having your workout room in your bedroom!

If you have a room left out but not interested in a gaming room, why not start a healthy lifestyle by having a home gym where you can keep yourself healthy anytime?

Who needs stuffy gyms when you can get a perfect workout at home? Equip your home gym with the right gear and add some lux elements and you’ll enjoy your workouts much more than in any overpriced boutique gym in town! Hope the above tips helped you develop your home gym ideas!

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