Gamer Room Colors & Design: 29+ Best Red And Black Gaming Setup Ideas (2021)

What is the best color theme for the gaming room? There is no definite answer but black paint walls are definitely trending.

Among all black gamer room combinations, black and red gamer room & black and white game rooms are the most popular options.

Below we are going to show you some cool ideas of black and red color matching schemes for furniture, PC setup, gamer decor, accessories, lighting, walls, desk & chair. They will look nice for both small and big game rooms.

Why Red And Black Colors Are Good For Gaming Rooms?

Colors are mood boosters.

Black color helps the gamer to stay focused on the rich colors and sounds from the screen. The black color also hides messy details of the PC setup such as cables.

Red highlights give nice contrasts. This color makes the players feeling excited, strong, and bold as a warrior.

Both colors are quite common, so it will be easy for you to find a lot of nice things to decorate the room once you decide the black & red room color theme.

If you use your gaming room also as bedroom, then you will like the black and red color scheme as it can look passionate and romantic.

✅ Important: Furnishing Room For Gaming Can Be Expensive, always check current deals before purchasing…

Best black and red gaming chair

‘Opens hole into new dimensions’ – Multiverses collide

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✅ Best red and black gaming chair with speakers

‘I bought one of these chairs a couple of years ago. The new version is more sleek, not puffy like the older versions. LOVE the speakers in the headrest. I didn’t think these would make much difference, but they do. I’m taking classes, so listening to hours of video lectures is much nicer this way. I can hear the professor’s voices more clearly.’ – Nice Chair – repeat buy

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✅ Best red and black reclining gaming chair

‘I spend a lot of time sitting on my chair at home or at work in front of the computer and I was looking for something which is not only sporty but also comfortable and elevated the ambiance of the room that I’m in. This one is an absolute gem! The package arrived on time but would warn you that it’s a little big. The assembly was super fast especially with the YouTube video available out there and literally took me 10 minutes to put together after I was done unboxing. Be mindful that this is a recliner chair and doesn’t have wheels on the bottom so if mobility is an issue for you, this product is probably not for you. But if like me, you plan on staying put and want to just relax for a long time while you work, This recliner is worth every penny!’ – Comfort and Class

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Best red and black gaming desk

‘Firstly this desk is huge. A massive upgrade from my previous desk. Also it sits lower than most desks which for me is a plus.

The top cover is a giant mouse pad (seriously). It has 3 pre-cut holes in the upper portion of the desk for cable management and a net underneath to keep cables tidy.

This desk is very sturdy and heavy and will probably last for a very long time. I’d say based off the quality, size, and sturdiness of this desk the price is fair. It’s not a steal by any means but you’re definitely getting a $400 worthy desk!

Lastly putting it together is relatively easy. The instruction manual is provided with simple easy to follow steps and they include the Allen wrench you’ll need. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a ratchet screwdriver with an Allen wrench head to screw in the bolts. I didn’t and it was such a pain having to do 1/4 turns at a time. It will definitely save you so much time and frustration in the long run and is in general a good tool to have in your arsenal regardless. Hope this review helps’ – Large, incredibly durable and aesthetic

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Best black and red racing simulator

‘After doing a TON of research and deliberation when buying my entry level iRacing setup, I chose to buy the OpenWheeler Gen3. I was looking for a solid starter rig at a decent price, as I didn’t want to sink a bunch of money into a professional level racing rig to start out.

First of all, I will say that I am exceedingly impressed and happy with my purchase. While the OpenWheeler comes in at a relatively budget price, you definitely get an exceptional value. There are no structural issues (bending, flexing, etc.) or any other issues that seem common across reviews of other rigs. While I am only using a Logitech G29 and not an expensive wheel setup, I have confidence that the OpenWheeler would handle them if needed.

Packaging and assembly were very nice, with clearly written and understandable directions (with proper grammar!). It comes with bolts and hardware for multiple Wheel/Pedal models from all the major brands as well as all the tools needed to put the rig together. I opted to get the optional lift kit to raise the seat off the ground, which is a must for anyone who does not want to sit directly on the floor as the seat would be VERY low without the kit.

After using the OpenWheeler for a few weeks, I have nothing but amazing things to say. Everything is adjustable to get the exact position that is comfortable for you and easily adjusted for others. I am happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a sim rig for racing of any caliber.” – Best Budget Racing Setup

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Best black and red gaming headset & microphone

‘The headset is lightweight and you can wear it for a long period of time. The surround sound works perfectly and it has a very strong bass. I like using it when listening to music with strong bass. I can clearly hear the footsteps and the environment when playing CS GO, and the sounds were felt real, it was as if you were part of the game.
The mic is very clear and you can also use it on desktop with the surround sound USB dongle.
Very great headset, indeed! I hope this will lasts long.’ – I can hear footsteps again!

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Best black and red gaming mouse

‘Bought this for Hubby as a Christmas gift and he is absolutely over the moon. He is a big Mad Catz fan and this 8+ updates his version 4, so a very happy man now. He is very impressed with the smoothness and ease of use, he was astounded by the number of different shades of colours available when in use also. Programmable buttons a major thing with him as he is a pro gamer. Overall he is 150% happy with this and feels every penny spent is well worth it. Happy gaming everyone ♡’ – 5.0 out of 5 stars Best gaming mouse ever

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Best black and red gaming keyboard

‘I know everyone is up in arms over the price of this keyboard, but it just so happens to be the best keyboard I’ve ever experienced! I’ve owned several mechanical keyboards over the years and I have to say that this is easily the best typing experience I have ever had! I did buy this directly from Logitech instead of on Amazon so I would get it faster. I was a little skeptical about how a low-profile mechanical keyboard would feel but after banging out the first email on this thing, all of my fears went out of the window. I went with the “tactile” model because I wanted the more traditional key press response but without the ridiculous mechanical key press sound. Definitely the best of both worlds here! In addition to all of the expected RGB options, I love that there are dedicated media and shortcut buttons that are fully configurable through the Logitech software. Plus that volume scroll wheel is a life saver! My old keyboard hid the volume toggle within a couple of the function keys which made something as basic as turning down the music when my phone rang a much bigger hassle than it should have been. I really do love this keyboard so if you have the funds, it’s a no-brainer! In fact, this keyboard is so much fun to type on that this review was actually 3 times as long as I had originally planned..’ – Best Keyboard Evar!

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Best black and red gaming flight control

‘I’ve been using this for a while, but just started using it a lot more for Star Wars Squadrons. After getting the mappings they way that I like in the game, it’s working great. Works well with my PC and fully immersive using Oculus Link.

Definitely recommended for casual gamers who don’t need a fancy full flight-simulator professional quality joystick. Works great for space sims!’ – Great for the price

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Best black and red gaming mouse pad (LARGE)

– great size, medium is big enough for tons of free movement but small enough it fit on the slide out on my desk perfectly.
– feels and looks quality. surface is consistent and fast but not overly silky so the mouse floats but stops when your hand stops, just right. stitching around the edge is subtle, but makes it stand out. combined with the crisp logo that hasnt worn even a bit after a year. quality.
– cleans well. doesnt retain as many crumbs and other bits of debris compared to other/older pads. just hold it out, slap it, looks good as new lol

– none that stand out. bottom could be a tiny bit stickier but thats if i had to absolutely pick something.

– the picture of the mousepad appears to show the edge stitching being slightly brighter than the pad itself. however i would say the stitching is a darker black than the pad. not a big deal, just an observation and maybe just my eyes/monitor are wrong ha.
– i would have liked to have seen a version with white stitching around the edge. This would match the logo and look really crisp. (and match my white/blue PC 😉

overall i give it a 95% rotten tomatoes.’ – its a quality mousepad

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Best black and red gaming mouse pad (LARGE)

The case is large and will fit ATX motherboards. Tempered glass on both sides are held in with four screws per side. The screws are large can be installed and removed without tools. 3 LED fans in the front and 1 in the rear. Air flow from front to rear, but top and bottom are also vented. There are two 3.5″ drive bays and four 2.5″ drive bays. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MOTHERBOARD SUPPORTS USB 3.0! If not, make sure you buy the correct USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 adapter. The case also comes with fan speed switch, which can reduce noise level when extra cooling is not needed.

Overall, the build quality of this case is awesome. Everything internally is black including the provided screws and the rivets that hold the case together.

Please also note that you cannot mount any DVD or any gadgets that requires a 5.25″ expansion bay – because there is no cut out for it (front is fans, sides are glass).

Again, this case is big. So make sure you have enough room to showcase this beauty!’ – Beautiful and Elegant – Large case!

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Best black and red gaming wallpaper

‘ It was easier to place than I expected especially considering we put it on the ceiling which I can barely reach. It been up a few months and has shown no signs of coming down. Very pleased with this item. We have not tried to remove it so I cannot speak to clean removal.’ – Great decal

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After having the big pieces selected, remember you also need the matching wall paint, carpet, acoustic panel, lighting, room decoration, curtain, shelves etc to complete the look.

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Simple black and red gaming room designs

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Gamer Room Colors & Design: 29+ Best Red And Black Gaming Setup Ideas (2021)
What is the best color theme for the gaming room? There is no definite answer but black paint walls are definitely trending.

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