6 Laptop Accessories That Improve User Experience

MacBook integrates features that make you more productive as it delivers better performance and faster functioning. With the sleek design and shard appearance, MacBooks have become a preferred choice among all user groups, from professionals to students. 

6 Laptop Accessories That Improve User Experience

Although the device is powerful enough to handle even high-end apps and programs, adding accessories can make your work easier. Buying accessories makes more sense, particularly when you are working from home and spending more than half of your day at the work desk. 

The accessories mentioned in this article will add value to your workplace setup. The article enlists some helpful accessories that will help you to get more out of the device. So, let’s go through them one by one and learn about some of their unique features. 

External Display

Working on important projects from home may sometimes require a better display. Adding a high-resolution external display to your work desk will give you a clear insight into your digital work. If you are a programmer, you can handle your codes more precisely. 

An external display will help give you a more detailed description of your task and enhance convenience along with productivity. A 27-inches screen may be an optimal option, particularly if your work involves video editing, designing graphics, and rendering media. 

With a widescreen, you can use the Split Screen feature of macOS more productively. The question is how do you split screen on a mac to use two apps together. Reading the tutorial is worthwhile if you wish to explore all the benefits of the feature.

AirPod Pro  

6 Laptop Accessories That Improve User Experience

Microphones tend to make your life much better as they give you the liberty to listen to your favorite music on the go. These BlueTooth earbuds deliver the best quality audio with noise cancellation capabilities.

AirPods can be the best accessory for you if you need to attend a lot of online meetings, seminars, or conferences. If you are a student, you can use them for attending your online classes or listening to lectures on the go.  

With hefty pricing, AirPods might not be the accessory for all, but having them in the toolkit will take your entertainment to the next level. There are quite a couple of models available out there; you need to consider your budget and usability requirements to buy the best one. 

Monitor Riser 

For getting more comfort while working, you can add a monitor riser as it will be an affordable and convenient way. This will tend to make things better without having to slouch during working hours.

The monitor risers are like tiny tables that you can place on a desk, couch, or bed to keep the device safer and prevent overheating. They are available in different shapes, dimensions, and materials.

You can buy a glass, wooden, or plastic riser according to your choice and priority. Whatever material you choose, these risers seem stylish and adjustable. They are essentially an accessory worth having in your work-from-home workspace. 

Cooling Pads

If you are spending too much time on your MacBook, cooling pads can be the best accessory for you. These pads prevent your laptop from heating up excessively when you are working on multiple high-end apps. 

Cooling pads are lightweight and compact, so you can take them along when on vacation. Some laptops come with multiple fans that keep them cool; however, you must avoid using them on the couch or any other soft surfaces. 

Another advantage is that the cooling pads are available at an affordable price, so it’s worth investing in them to keep the device safe and healthy. Alternatively, control the background apps to minimize RAM usage.    

MacBook Sleeve

6 Laptop Accessories That Improve User Experience

MacBooks are expensive, so taking care of them and keeping them safe must be on your priority list. Protecting them from dust and liquid will make them durable while improving their performance in the long run. 

When it comes to production, MacBook sleeves are the best accessory that you can purchase from online or physical stores. Premium quality components are used to design MacBook sleeves that add elegance and durability to them.

Sleeves are available in different size dimensions to fit the 13 inches and 16 inches MacBooks. You can buy them in vibrant colors or designs as per your personality and other preferences.   

Multimedia Speakers 

Adding an external speaker to your MacBook will protect the internal speakers of your MacBook. Purchasing external multimedia speakers will result in getting high-quality audio output while listening to music. 

These speakers can connect with your MacBook and other digital devices, and you will not have to purchase additional devices for other gadgets. Buying multimedia speakers can be a one-time investment. 

You can enjoy music for hours without straining the internal speakers of the MacBook, as repairing them later can be expensive.

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