39+ Cool Computer Gaming Room Designs For Every Type of Gamers! (2021)

You will have different needs for your room depending on the types of games. For example, to play with the new generation consoles, you need to equip HD technologies and adequate technical support such as a steady Wi-Fi connection, while arcade and pinball machines require space. However, a mobile game only requires the player to effortlessly download games and have a power outlet in case of a dying battery.

Don’t worry if you haven’t come up with a perfect idea. This list provides the most advanced, smart, and innovative video game room setup ideas guiding you to find a design that matches your budget planning. Remember that the game room ideas will each have different budgets depends on the size, accessories, and of course, the rig.

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Teamwork while playing video games brings gamers together. In the end, the difference in cultural background, social class, or age does not matter.

Age is just a number in playing video games. These days, many young game developers contribute their expertise in designing video games that are easy and innovative.

Apart from setting up a sophisticated gaming room, in some cases, video game enthusiasts are willing to restore and gather retro arcade machines like pinball machines or board games in the rec room like the legendary Ludo. In other words, the form of gaming is constantly evolving.

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Gaming Setup Ideas

Have you had any plans on how you would build the gaming setup? Make sure your plan includes delightful wall arts and gaming accessories.

To have a great looking room for gaming, you need to complete the look with eccentric, vibrant, and energetic decoration that resembles the gaming spirit that you have.

Take a look at these best video game room ideas!

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Dream PC Game Room Setup

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You fellow players will be excited to play in front of a big curve gaming screen.

You need to make them stare in awe seeing your collection of different-sized speakers, making the room even cooler and more alive.

The brightness from the big screen should be balanced with the accent from ambient lighting installed in several parts of the room.

Blue Game Room Ideas for Small Spaces

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This video game room is creatively utilizing a small space on the wall to mount the LED screen and combining the idea with a distinctive design.

You can creatively decorate the walls with wallpaper pattern similar to one of your favorite games, but you also need to remember not to change the focus of the room. The centerpiece must always be the screen where you play the games.

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Game Room For 2 Persons on A Budget

It can be hard to provide sufficient background lighting in a small room. While playing, the eyes need a little distraction from the screen’s brightness, which is to use some background lightings.

For example, in such a small room like above, it has been installed a big light bar above the screens to minimize the screens’ brightness. This way, even a small room can offer sufficient lighting.

A cheap gaming setup can also be magnificent if you focus on the scent of the room. But pay attention that a cheap gaming chair may not provide as much support and comfort as others.

More ideas for 2 persons gaming room design(esp for couples).

Black & White Video Game Room Ideas for Home

In many cases, the elements used in making an excellent video gaming space/room are too expensive. If so, use an existing cabinet in your house to place the gaming consoles.

Place the earphones, consoles, and other gaming-themed products on the existing cabinets, also, use the existing sofa and LED screens to complete the gaming experience.

To keep everything neat within the budget, you can paint some of the existing furniture into black or white to have a new upgraded clean color scheme. To save time, you can even just cover the existing sofa with a black cover, then cover the floor with a black rug. The same ideas can be used for cabinet and desks, just cover everything with black fabric to get the ‘look’ quickly.

Read also this guide for more computer room designs using black and white colors.

Read this guide if you like black and red gaming room more.

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Girly Video Game Room Ideas

The center of attention in a video gaming room is often the equipment. You do not need to buy all only pink accessories to make the room girly, for more ideas check this blog. For example, use a large screen to display your favorite girly game would steal the spotlight when it’s placed in a rather small room.

To boost the atmosphere, use particolored lights around the door structure, and strip lighting on the baseboard consist of just the appropriate quantity of ambient background light.

For recommendation, a UV light would work greatly with white background.

As well as installing glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for a radiance effect would elevate the gaming environment. I like small stars with low density for my small room, but there are many different options and you should choose one that matches your gaming room size & color scheme.

However, if your budget prevents you from getting additional gaming-themed products, utilizes your existing decoration such as themed flag tapestry, or even just print out some related images for the walls.

Awesome Game Bedroom Ideas

A video gaming room is basically a recreation room—which is to have fun! That is why; the room should not be messy and cramped, especially when it is next to a bed in a bedroom.

To avoid messiness, use contemporary shelves for storing video games.

Additionally, you also need a pair of slim tower speakers for a terrific acoustic sound.

You would enjoy the sound without having to invert your attention from the screen. To help you focus on playing the games, you need to use furniture that has either a soft earth tones color or dark color so it disappears when light is off.

However, if you want to emphasize that the room is exclusively built for gaming, stick a gaming poster on the wall.

Game Room Ideas for Adults

This design offers comfort and closeness. As seen in the picture, it’s suitable for a player who prefers quietness. But through changing the lighting you can change the vibe too.

Either way, this room looks lovely.

Futuristic Video Game Room Ideas

Playing games for hours can drain your energy. That is why; the chair is designed to allow you to unwind anytime you wish to escape from the gaming world for a few hours.

The lighting under the screen which illuminates the entire gameplay becomes the centerpiece of the room. This view will help you to enjoy your leisure time, escaping the exhausting routine.

Read here for more gaming bed ideas.

Rustic PC Game Room Design

Many people choose to have one special room in the house allocated as an office. Do you know that the office can also be used as a video gaming room, turning it into an all-rounded “gaming office”?

Using these innovative ideas, you can separate business from your daily gameplay by dividing the screen for two purposes – The work screen is angled outward to decrease interruptions to the video gaming screen.

To change the atmosphere from working to instant enjoyable gameplay, manipulate the ceiling by hanging lights and organizing shelves on the wall.

In addition, you can also decorate each side, depending on its use.

The working area should be decorated with inspiring quotes and working devices, while the gaming area should be equipped with gaming-themed pictures and equipment.

Ultimate Men Cave Game & Entertainment Room Decor

Do you have a career related to gaming? Do you need to invite friends for gaming social or collaborations? How to organize all the electronics for gaming, working, live streaming, photo shooting, and more? This ultimate gaming entertainment men cave should have given you some good insight. It does not need to be rustic but can look modern & cool.

To maximize the room, you need to use every corner possible, for example, posters, figurines, and other relatable gaming-themed furniture like rug and table.

Dual Screen Style Gaming Setup

A video gaming area can actually be built even in a small space like a bedroom – a “gaming bedroom“! You can utilize an empty space for gaming equipment so you can have fun before bed.

Since it is already a bedroom for sleeping and relaxing, you need to maintain the decoration as simple as possible.

However, you can install two TVs that are placed side by side for playing games and for watching your favorite TV shows. Depends on how are you setting up the screens and how heavy are the screens, you might need to buy one of these gadgets.

Game Addict Entertainment Room

Do you have a big room dedicated solely to video games related things?

Well, this room idea utilizes a large area to store game boards, pinball arcade machines, and more of non-computerized kinds of video games used as home entertainment.

In this room, you can place full-sized figurines from your favorite motion pictures and TV franchises.

Moreover, you can install a sink and a mini cooking area for preparing food when some friends are coming to play.

Acoustic Gaming Setup Idea

If there are other people living in the house, you might want to install some acoustic measures for your gaming room so as to reduce white noise during your live streaming, or to reduce complaints from others to you. Acoustic panels do not need to look boring and dull, there are many fun stylish options as seen in the picture.

These days, video gaming rooms are often required to have a multi-function use.

For example, this picture shows you that a gaming experience can be blended with an existing cabinet for a neat organization and an already existing wall-mounted screen for a terrific gaming atmosphere.

Minimalist & Simple Game Room Idea

The budget plan needed for video gaming rooms isn’t cheap. That is why not everyone has the ability to perfect the interior with a full gaming-themed design.

If that’s the case, merge the gaming equipment with the existing furniture.

In this picture, the equipment for playing games such as a keyboard, mouse, double screens, and speakers are placed on top of a cabinet or possibly a table for eating.

Even so, the gaming experience would still be great and interesting. Just add ambient lighting behind the screen to boost the atmosphere.

Light in The Dark

One of the most difficult things to do in building a video gaming space is to adjust sufficient lighting for an ambient background.

In this image, the room and the furniture are colored in a rather dark color. By installing strong and visible lighting behind the primary (the biggest) screen, and adding decorative triangular LED panels(feel free to configure different patterns) you have created a centerpiece of the room.

Attic Bedroom Turned into Gaming Room

In some cases, a dedicated player often has no other choices but to install all the gaming equipment in the attic bedroom. Think about using a picture editor to make your very own design and get it printed.

This picture shows that the small bed has two functions: it serves as a sofa for playing video games and as a bed when you feel tired and want to sleep.

Gaming Living Room

There are many players who take advantage of one of the rooms in their house, such as the living room.

As you see in the picture, the player uses half of the living room for the video gaming corner. It is filled with gaming equipment such as screens and speakers.

The other half of the room is filled with a comfortable sofa for taking a rest after the gameplay.

Now there is one critical mistake made in the design, you should not use blinds if the living room will be used for gaming as well, instead, full blackout curtains will help you to stay not distracted for hours of full gaming joy!

Multi Screens Gaming Wall Setup

Not all gaming tables can fit multi-screens in. You will need to either buy a big table to match or mount the multi-screens on the wall.

Even a small room can be turned into a comfortable gaming room by installing a wall cabinet to store the equipment. You should integrate your multi-screens into the design too.

As you see, the games, consoles, and the speakers are nicely placed on the shelves.

By doing that, a small room like above becomes very open. Moreover, the use of lighting also helps to create the illusion.

Gaming Room With Colorful Neon Light

Ambient lighting may not be every player’s favorite setting; however, it makes the room looks great when you find matching furniture color to balance the lighting set up.

For example, soft blue lighting works perfectly with white.

A framed CPU container and video gaming equipment (unwinding chair and triple screens) are all set to emphasize the gaming room.

The white color combined with blue lighting would soften the rage after playing a hard game.

Alternatively, you can order a custom neon light to add more personal decor to the room.

Gaming Room Storage & Organization Ideas

Serious game players would spend so much of their time achieving goals in games. To feel comfortable while doing that, the room has to be organized correctly.

There are two gamers in this room hence everything should be organized well to reduce messy feeling. You do not see a lot of decoration or accessories everywhere. A lot of small gadgets are used to organize the wires and the desk.

In this picture, the walls are painted in white to give relaxation. Only two fun posters are hung for emphasizing the function of the room.

Mission Center Layout for Gaming Room

This is how you setup a corner gaming center. Note bean bags are getting more popular in gamer rooms these days.

A large area with an open concept is recommended by many designers; however, using extra space in the corner of your room is also permissible.

Upgrade the visual look with triple screens to play a video game in extra comfort, hang some distinct wall arts, and matching colors furniture to give the room modern-day vibrant.

To improve the experience, install appropriate ambient lighting and a pair of seating in front of the big screen for you and your fellow gamers.

Red Ambient Gaming Room Lighting

Playing video games gets you hype, and it is reflected in the red color theme on this one. Chair, screens, keyboard, CPU, and gaming-themed related stuff are colored in red.

The tone is supported by red ambient lighting. This combination boosts the players’ passion and enthusiasm during the gameplay.

To immerse yourself with the games you’re playing, don’t forget to install noise cancellation in the room so the sound effects and your personal expression won’t be heard by anyone outside. You do not need to stay boring with the layout as seen in the demo images, be creative!

Gaming Setup on A Working Desk

Game fanatics know for certain that older console designs require special connectors on modern-day screen in order to work correctly.

This idea lets the player install more than just one screen to provide easy access to the connectors so the old consoles can be used.

Natural Light Gaming Room

While some players prefer to play games during night time, some choose to indulge their enthusiasm during the daytime. They love the bright and airy atmosphere.

A daytime gaming room isn’t any different. It requires a single desk in the corner of the room.

The desk must have a wide leg area because you also need it to secretly keep the video gaming devices such as CPU and speakers.

This way, you have saved some extra tiles and space.

Themed Game Room for Family

Playing a game alone is fun, but playing with friends and/or family is even more fun!

This idea is for you who want to set up a video gaming room for the family. Use two big screens to steal the attention in the room, and then utilize an existing cabinet to store the games and console. Give it a theme, such as a colorful LEGO world!

To add more enjoyment, use matching switches, storage and wall art!

Downstairs Basement Entertainment Room

Basement has always been related to scary things such as ghosts. Well, this picture shows you otherwise.

It is completed with old posters hanging on the wall, a nice couch in front of the TV which is mounted to the wall above the fireplace.

Funky Gaming Room Ideas

The basement gaming room has been changed into a funky limited edition looking gaming (or recreation) area with a modern-day fun design and furniture. You can do the same just by adding some small fun room decor details.

Don’t forget that we have also introduced a bunch more basement rec room ideas here.

Large Video Game Room Ideas

This medium-sized room is painted in a soft color (crème) to create the illusion of a bigger room. With proper lighting, the design forms an immersing experience.

To add more enjoyment, decorate the room with dark-colored speakers, screens, cabinets, and chairs. This is done to give a contrast from the walls and floorings.

Simple Yet Elegant Gaming Room

Usually, a game area is designed to boost the player’s spirit in playing games, hard or easy.

That is why; this game area is kept to be extremely minimal yet inspiring.

The white light is softened and diffused by the white on the table and the walls. The best part is if you are using smart lighting system you can even change the colors depend on the mood!

Minimalist Style Corner Video Game Desk Setup

For game fanatics, the design of the gaming room is as important as the game itself.

Rather than creating a messy and narrow area, this room idea offers a modern-day design with its simple, yet elegant white cabinetry to store all the games you have.

Other than saving yourself from having a messy gaming room, the cabinetry is completed with two thin tower speakers to blast the sound of the game, boosting your enthusiasm for shooting all the zombies and enemies.

How enjoyable!

Cozy Gaming Setup For Small Room

A great gaming area requires a large screen that will be the center of the room.

To emphasize the centerpiece, install ambient background light(this time just light strings to create the mood) to the baseboard and behind the screen. Lights around the door frame can also be used to give that intensity effect.

Sleek And Clean Game Room

Most of the ideas are suggesting the room to employ gaming-themed related design, but it’s only limited to the options of having a relaxing room like this one.

The room looks clean and open because it is painted in white with smooth lines patterns, bright flooring rug, and soft-colored furniture.

The room is not only permissible for playing games, but also for relaxing with friends or family.

Gaming Setup Ideas On Attic Room

In many homes, turning a messy, weirdly angled attic room can be a challenge.

However, this image shows you that simple furniture will help the room to function as a gaming area and home entertainment center.

The gaming area focuses on the screen above the small counter, facing the unwinding chair.

Meanwhile, the entertainment center focuses on the TV mounted on the wall.

Gaming Setup With A Nearby Bar

A general living room is designed to focus on the TV as the center of entertainment in the room.

This video gaming room idea utilizes the existing design of the living room, but with a little adjustment. This room doesn’t apply the common concept of a video gaming room. The picture shows the room with a traditional bar concept.

Note how different colors are used to help kill distraction.

Not only that, but ambient colored lighting has also been installed to the center TV to boost the atmosphere. In addition, the wall is painted or drawn to resemble a real pub/bar.

Cheap DIY Game Room Decor Ideas

Turning your existing room into a video gaming room can be a hard challenge when you try to completely re-style the entire decoration and design.

This idea tells you that you can actually utilize the old controllers you have as decoration and add a gaming shelf through pallet DIY.

This idea keeps everything simple, and probably give all budget just to a huge wall mount gaming screen. And the result is great!

Video Game Room With Neon Lighting

In a large room, it can be hard to decide the length of the ambient background lighting (the lighting is used to balance the brightness from the screen, so it won’t harm your eyes).

The correct way is to install the light on the ceiling, on shelves and on the back of the screens. This setting enhances the tone of the room, so players can focus on the screens while playing games.

Sleep And Play In One Room

Do you want to build a gaming room, but you only have one bedroom?

Well, this idea is very suitable for you. It’s a video gaming room and a bedroom as well.

The room is actually super minimalist with racks to keep all the books and video games. Don’t forget the atmosphere lighting to create a mood and make sure the chair is comfortable for a long time gaming (These are the cheapest options we will recommend).

Gaming Corner In A Home Office? Why Not?

These days, people are working from home. Even if you cannot afford to build an extra gaming room, it is permissible to add an extra corner for gaming, so you can play games when you are so tired of works.

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39+ Cool Computer Gaming Room Designs For Every Type of Gamers! (2021)
You will have different needs for your room depending on the types of games. For example, to play with the new generation consoles, you need to equip HD technologies and adequate technical support such as a steady Wi-Fi connection, while arcade and pinball machines require space. However, a mobile game only requires the player to effortlessly download games and have a power outlet in case of a dying battery.

How do you decorate a game room?

10 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Personal Gaming Room
1. Add neon lightning for awesome gaming nights
2. Add a carpet for comfortableness and coziness
3. Add a display shelf for all your video games
4. Add a small snack bar for late-night munchies
5. Place a refrigerator for different types of drinks during a gaming party
6. Install a gaming speaker for an improved gaming sound experience
7. Install a soundproof curtain to refrain from noise complaints
8. Place a display projector for multi-player video games
9. Place a comfortable sofa for long gaming nights
10. Install a variety of gaming equipment such as consoles and driving handles for car games

How do you make a gaming room?

How to Make a Gaming Room
1. Pick a room: Consider the size of the room, is it suitable for gaming?
2. Organize and clean the room for gaming setup
3. Set up the desk and computer
4. Manage and organize your cables!
5. Set up shelves beside your desk for product placement and decoration
6. Install lights of your preferred color
7. Install a refrigerator if possible: a cold beverage center is always nice
8. Decorate your walls with gaming posters or other things of your choice
9. Try it out and adjust necessary features
10. Game!

How do I make my room into a gaming room?

10 Things You Could Do Make Your Own Gaming Room
1. Add cool lighting
2. Add a projector to make your room theatrical
3. Put on some gaming posters
4. Add some beanbags for everyone to relax while gaming
5. Add an old school arcade machine
6. Add a comfortable carpet
7. Place as many gaming electronics as you can
8. Embrace natural light
9. Add some board games for a variety
10. Invite all your gamer friends!

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