Couple Gaming Setup: 10+ Best His And Hers Game Room Design, 2 Persons Desk & Chair Ideas 2021

Are you looking for the best two-person gamer room set up to fulfill your couple’s gaming goals?

We collected some of the best ideas of different 2 person desk+chair layouts. They require different budgets, but we are confident you can find the perfect his and her gaming setup solution for your gamer room design!

Best Gaming Room Lights

Everyone is talking about it, just don’t wait anymore, grab it now, you need it for any gaming room – ‘This lighting is quick and very easy to install. Just make sure that you clean the surface well, plan your project and apply the item only once. I do recommend installing the item in a location where it will be hidden when not in use. It can look a bit “tacky” if it is too noticeable when not in use.’ – Amazon Customer

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Best Couple Gaming Chairs

  • The suspension seems solid and isn’t being compressed too much by my weight.
  • The padding feels great, I don’t feel like I’m sinking into it too much and it is soft enough so that my back doesn’t get sore from long sessions.
  • The levers are firm and I can easily distinguish where and when it locks into place when I lean back the chair, I can almost lean the chair completely flat and with putting all my weight back the chair remains balanced.
  • The head and back lumbar support are adjustable.
  • The arms will fit underneath a standard size desk.
  • As long as you take the time to slightly tighten each side before going back to tighten all the screws it will be very firm. I had a slight problem with my chair and Homall was very quick to fix it. They responded within 12 hours to help me with a part for the chair.
  • Overall I’m very impressed with the quality and presentation of this product, I’ve owned a DXRacer Chair in the past and these are just so close in comfort that I don’t see a reason to spend anymore money.’ – Amazon Customer

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✅ Best Long Gaming Desk

‘Its a little shorter in depth, but a huge difference in width (my old desk was only 38inches wide). The desk has a very nice finish, and is very sturdy as well. My PC is pretty heavy, and with everything else, I have no creaks or anything. I do plan to eventually get a center support as I will be adding a second monitor and adding a duo desk mount (not big on wall mounting)’ – Amazon Customer

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✅ Best Small Compact Computer Desk With Storage

‘I have searched for quite some time for a gaming desk that was both affordable and functional. This desk fits the bill! Plus it’s a great look! … My only complaint would be that depending on the stand or feet you have on the bottom of your tv, it may not fit on the upper shelf meant for your tv. My son’s tv has “feet” that go in front and behind the tv to provide a sturdy feel to the tv, but these “feet” were too wide for the provided tv shelf. The solution to this is hanging the tv on the wall right above the gaming desk, so it’s an easy fix, but I just wanted you to know this was a possibility before purchase. Otherwise, I can’t say enough great things about this desk. It has a cup holder, hooks for your headset, place for your controller and two spots for your speakers, if you have them. It is very sturdy and very easy to put together… I have seen similar desks going for anywhere from $50-$100 more than this one, with less options. Don’t hesitate to purchase because this is less expensive. This is definitely the better choice! You won’t be sorry!’ – Amazon Customer

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✅ Best Compact Double Workstation

(Beware this is a very large desk so make sure you know you’ll have the room.)‘For virtual learning: The 2-person desk gives me ample space for dividing tasks. On one side, it is designated for laptop and accessories to improve online live meetings. The other side leaves clear work space for paper and pencil activities, or for an adult to assist student. The school experience is different for many, and this desk is just what was needed! Very sturdy, smartly designed, and room for all tasks.’ – Amazon Customer

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Best For Couple Gaming Bedroom

Gaming in the bedroom? This is great for gaming in bed or on a carpet, reading books, watching TV, curling up on the sofa, sleeping upright for nasal congestion or acid reflux (heartburn). Size is big enough for two persons.

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His And Hers Game Room Setup

How to design your couple gaming room without too much argument?

  • Make a list of ideas for ideal gaming room for him and her. Separate ‘WANT TO HAVE ITEMS’ from ‘MUST’ HAVE ITEMS’. Consider ideal equipment, furniture, seat orientation, atmosphere etc.
  • Design the layout of the desks base on room dimensions/limitations. You two can sit side by side, facing each other, back to back, in parallel, at the two corners of the room, at 135 degrees to each other, or in freestyle if you have a real big open space.
  • Decide on the color scheme and decoration theme. Do you two want the same style for the whole room, or prefer clear different style zones to emphasize uniqueness? Do you two agree with each other on the brightness of the atmosphere or you need separate light sources?
  • Discuss and make decision of shopping list base on budget, space limitation and ideal gamer room layouts.
  • Pay attention to on going discount and black friday deals etc, and start shopping.
  • Remember it is always an on going project, so purchase the necessary MUST HAVE ITEMS first. You will get more inspiration and ‘feel the space better’ once the big furniture and major electronics are sitting in the room.
  • Add more decoration and organisation gadgets once the major planning is set.

Ambient lighting is really important for gaming room designs. The pictures below show the smart use of ambient lighting and color tones on the screens’ wallpapers. The combination gives intimacy to the room.

To make the room even more pleasant and cozy, use a stripped flowing with carpet on it.

Moreover, the style of the rooms is improved by matching color storage boxes and other furniture.

To add a more enjoyable view, you can hang some really good wall or street art pieces to demonstrate the difference in tastes between the 2 persons.

☑️ Tips ==> Any gaming room needs a good lighting design. You need these best selling decor to render the atmosphere for full embedding experience. Click the images below to learn more.

Nice 2 persons computer game room ideas right? Check out our reviews for different gaming furniture and accessories before shopping!

☞ More Gaming Room Style Ideas

Popular Now

2 Persons Room Setup

A video gaming room can be established in an existing room (in the bedroom or living room), or the player wishes to build a special, separate room.

You can use space dividers to separate different functions in the room (sleep vs work vs gaming), or use the same dividers to separate the 2 persons while privacy or absolute focus is required.

Moreover, to improve the atmosphere of playing games, hang framed images and print-outs of your favorite game characters.

☑️ Organizing your 2 persons gaming room?
More people means more mess, and more need for organization. These gadgets are EXTREMELY useful to me, I like them a lot. Cheap and more than I’ll need for a long time. Click the images to see if they can help you to be more efficient too.

☞ Here I found COOL gamer stuff on Amazon I didn’t know existed.

Couple Gaming Goals: 10+ Best His And Hers Game Room Setup, 2 Persons Desk & Chair Ideas(2021)
Are you looking for the best two-person gamer room set up to fulfill your couple's gaming goals?

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