Couple Gaming Setup: Best His And Hers Game Room Design, 2 Persons Desk & Chair Ideas

A couple’s game room is one of the best ways to enjoy your hobby together. Whether you both love video games, card games, board games or puzzles, a game room is a great place for couples to enjoy their leisure time.

Unlike an office or a bedroom, a couples game room is all yours to decorate and furnish as you see fit. Encourage your partner to express their interests through the furniture, art and design choices you make.

When decorating a game room, many people like to express their love with custom die-cut stickers. Being custom-made, these stickers can be designed according to your preferred style or elements. Stickers can be attached to walls, floors, computers, desks, and even decorations. Imagine a game room adorned with these stickers, it must be more unique and colorful.

Creating and maintaining the space can be easy if you have your partner’s input from the beginning. You may want to start by deciding which activities will take priority in the space and what kind of furniture and decorations you’ll need for each activity. Consider things like seating height, table space and storage needs when shopping for furniture for the room.

The best thing about having a couple’s game room is that it can be inexpensive! Many of these rooms were built on a budget so don’t worry about needing a lot of money to get started!

Let’s take a look at some of the trending games rooms for couples!

Retro Game Room


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As a generation, we’ve been playing video games for over 30 years now. As such, it’s no surprise that the 80s and 90s inspired game room is one of the most popular gaming room designs.

The retro-style game room is an easy way to add some vintage charm to your space, a gaming recliner might make things even more enjoyable! A few key elements are all you need to bring back the 80s!

The best way to bring this style to your game room is by using furniture and artwork that features geometric shapes, bright colors, bold patterns and retro-inspired logos.

Other than retro video games, your game room will need a few other things to complete the 80s look. A few suggestions are:

Colorful bean bag chairs

A vintage arcade cabinet or pinball machine

A colorful rug or wall decals to cover the floor or walls

80s style video game posters

A few retro-themed books and figurines on display

Final tips for this theme:

The 80s and 90s were a time when technology had a fun, playful look. Since many of the new video games are so realistic looking, it’s important to remember to use bright colors in your room.

Be sure to pick furniture that is durable and easy to clean if you have young children or pets that will be using the room.

Kid-Friendly Game Room

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Kids love video games too! Luckily, there are lots of affordable options for creating a kid-friendly gaming room with your family in mind. You’ll have to make some key decisions about what you want to include and how you want your space to feel in order to create a fun environment for both adults and children.

It’s a good idea to include comfortable seating in your game room so everyone can sit and play together. Since this space will likely be used by kids of all ages, consider including things like bean bags, couches or lazy boy chairs for maximum comfort. If you have a limited budget, consider building yourself some DIY bean bag chairs!

Beyond seating, it’s important to think about storage options for the kids’ toys and video games they will be bringing into the room as well as any other items that might get left behind when they leave at the end of the day. You may also want some kind of lockable cabinet for storing alcohol or any other items that should only be used by adults in the home.

The best way to make this space your own is by incorporating things that reflect your family’s interests and personality into the room. A few suggestions are:

Kids toys and books

Family photos or artwork on display

Child-sized furniture if they will be using the space often (couches, tables, chairs)

A child-friendly TV or gaming system if you want to use the room for watching movies or television shows too. Just make sure your game room isn’t too cluttered with items that could get broken easily. Stairs and other obstacles should also be considered to keep kids safe while playing in the space.

Final tips for this theme:

Bright colors and fun patterns are a must for this theme. You’ll want to include furniture, decorative items and artwork that features bright colors and messages that kids will love!

Retro Movie Theater Game Room

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Game rooms don’t have to be just for playing video games! This retro-style game room is the perfect place to turn your living room into a mini movie theater complete with red velvet chairs, dimmed lights and even a popcorn machine!

Movie themed game rooms are a great way to bring the fun of the theater home without spending a fortune. If you decide to create this kind of space in your home, it’s important to know that you won’t need as much storage space since you won’t need much more than your movie collection and some popcorn! Consider adding cabinets or rolling carts instead of big shelving units if you need extra space in the room. You may also want some simple storage pieces like drawers or shelves if you plan on using this room for watching movies on a regular basis. There are lots of great options available at unfinished furniture stores if you want quick assembly furniture or even consider building something yourself! You might also like our guide on how to build an entertainment center using IKEA parts. Just take care not to overdo it with too many decorations in the room – it should still feel like a living room at the end of the day! The best way to make this space your own is by incorporating things that reflect your family’s interests and personality into the room. A few suggestions are: Movie themed pillows or blankets

Movie posters or figurines on display

A popcorn machine, microwave popcorn or movie theater style candy available in the room at all times.

Final tips for this theme:

Since you’ll be watching movies in this room, it makes sense to maximize seating while still keeping a comfortable space. You can do this by choosing a variety of seating options including big couches, smaller chairs and even futons if you want to sleep over!

Video Game Retro Arcade Game Room

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Many couples love playing video games together and a game room is the perfect place to enjoy a favorite hobby. The best way to make a favorite hobby feel more like a hobby and less like work is to decorate the room in a fun, memorable way. This retro-style game room is perfect for adding some style to your favorite hobby!

If you don’t have an unlimited budget for your game room, consider adding some cool wall art or décor to dress up the walls of your gaming area. There are lots of great options available if you want to keep it simple or even create a few DIY pieces using canvas prints or vinyl decals! You can also use things like posters and figurines as decorations on display around the room. If you have kids, consider using kid-friendly decals and artwork instead!

When it comes to furniture, comfort is key! Consider adding bean bags, armchairs, sofas or recliners for maximum comfort when playing for hours at a time. Your gaming area should also include plenty of storage space if you plan on keeping video games in this room when not in use. It’s always important to think about safety when choosing furniture since there will be children playing in this space too. You may want to add safety guards or corner bumpers on furniture that could be dangerous if children fall into them while playing with toys. The best way to make this space your own is by personalizing it with the games and decor that you love!

Final tips for this theme:

It’s important to make your room comfortable enough that you and your partner want to use it on a regular basis. A few suggestions are bean bag chairs, sofas, comfy armchairs or recliners. Make sure there is plenty of storage space for keeping games and controllers when not in use. You can also add shelving for displaying decorative items such as figurines or books. Adding wall art can be a fun way to personalize the room without a big investment. Consider adding things like canvas prints, vinyl decals, posters or photographs to the room for some decorative charm.

The Modern Game Room

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A modern game room is a great way to add style to your favorite hobby. This room was created with an urban or industrial look in mind. If you and your partner love video games or board games, this room may be perfect for you!

The first step in creating this themed space is to choose the right furniture for the room. You want to find furniture that has clean lines and bold colors. A few suggestions are:

Modern gaming chairs (Recliner, swivel)

Modern console cabinet (bookshelf, filing cabinet)

Modern console table (wooden, glass) with storage space underneath for consoles and controllers.

The next step is to choose a few key pieces of art or wall decorations that will add color and personality to the room. Prints, framed photos, canvas art and posters are all great options! Consider adding furniture or art elements that feature bright colors like red, orange and yellow! You can also use geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and circles on furniture or artwork around the room. Be sure to pick items that fit into your budget since you’ll need a few key pieces of furniture for this theme. You can also use things like throw pillows or bean bag chairs if you want some smaller decorative touches in the room as well!

Final tips for this theme:

It’s important to make sure your game room has enough seating space so everyone can play comfortably at once. If there are more than 2 people playing, you may want to consider a larger sized couch or a full sized sectional sofa. It’s also important to make sure your furniture is comfortable and provides enough support for extended gaming sessions. Try to choose furniture with clean lines and bold colors that fit into this design theme. You can also use things like throw pillows, bean bag chairs or accent chairs to add more decorative charm to the room. A few suggestions are bright colors such as red, orange and yellow. You can also use geometric shapes like triangles, squares and circles on your furniture or artwork around the room.

Steampunk Couple’s Room

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There’s a lot to love about this game room decor theme. For starters, it’s an alternative to the boring and traditional themes that you see in most gaming rooms. It also incorporates technology in a fun and unique way.

The steampunk style has been growing in popularity over the past few years. A steampunk couple’s room is a great way to add some offbeat charm to your game room. This style mixes Victorian-era nostalgia with futuristic technology for a unique look.

Since this is such an unusual design, there aren’t any “rules” for creating a steampunk space. However, there are a few guidelines that I recommend you follow when decorating:

Choose furniture that is made of metal or wood and features lots of brass, copper and iron accents if possible. Also, include plenty of gears and hand-held objects like pocket watches or pens to give the room more mechanical detail.

Don’t be afraid to use whimsical props like cogs, gears or other objects related to mechanical devices as accents throughout the room!

Use vibrant colors like purple, red, orange and gold to bring some “life” to the room. Steampunk is a dark and vintage style so it’s important to use bright colors for contrast.

Use a large rug or colorful wallpaper to ground the room. Unfortunately, this style can look cluttered if you don’t have enough contrast in your color palette.

Final tips for this theme:

It’s important to use practical furniture in your game room so you can enjoy it for many years of gaming! This includes chairs with supportive backs and solid wooden coffee tables and end tables that won’t easily tip over when the kids are having fun on them. It can also be helpful to have an area rug laid out in front of the couch or TV stand so you don’t scratch hardwood floors during gaming parties!

For smaller rooms, consider painting your walls a dark color that will make all your decor features stand out more. Additionally, you may want to paint all of your furniture black, red or another dark color. For larger rooms, lighter walls are usually best because they make small details like wall decals and photos pop more!

Make sure you have plenty of seating space in your room so everyone can enjoy playing games together! The best way to do this is by using pieces that have multiple uses like ottomans that double as extra seating or coffee tables with storage drawers for remotes and other items.

Fantasy Couple Gaming Room

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One of the best ways to encourage your partner to share their interests with you is by creating a space that accommodates your mutual hobbies. The fantasy gamer room is a perfect example of how to create such a space!

This game room has been designed to accommodate two very different hobbies. The room is decorated for a medieval fantasy theme, including many elements that are reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings series. On the other hand, the arcade machine and pinball machine provide an awesome place for your partner to enjoy video games.

This game room incorporates a few key elements from each hobby and creates a balance in design that works really well together. The main idea behind this game room design is that you can easily swap out any elements that you don’t like or don’t work with the rest of the design.

For example, if you wanted to create this theme in your own game room, then you could remove the arcade machine and pinball machine from your list of priorities. Likewise, if your partner enjoys video games more than board games it would be easy to adjust this design by removing some of the tabletop board games and replacing them with video game consoles.

Final tips for this theme:

If you’re a video game player, this theme is a great way to incorporate your interests into the design. Consider adding a few vintage video game posters or figurines to complete the look.

Be sure to include your partner in the design process. This will help ensure that they’ll enjoy using the room!

If you have children in your household, it’s good to remember that children and pets can be very destructive when they get into their hobbies. Be sure to choose furniture that can withstand some rough play and also has an easy-to-clean design.

His And Hers Game Room Setup


How to design your couple’s gaming room without too much argument? The following ideas can help your relationship!

  • Make a list of ideas for ideal gaming room for him and her. Separate ‘WANT TO HAVE ITEMS’ from ‘MUST’ HAVE ITEMS’. Consider ideal equipment, furniture, seat orientation, atmosphere etc.
  • Design the layout of the desks base on room dimensions/limitations. You two can sit side by side, facing each other, back to back, in parallel, at the two corners of the room, at 135 degrees to each other, or in freestyle if you have a real big open space.
  • Decide on the color scheme and decoration theme. Do you two want the same style for the whole room, or prefer clear different style zones to emphasize uniqueness? Do you two agree with each other on the brightness of the atmosphere or you need separate light sources?
  • Discuss and make decision of shopping list base on budget, space limitation and ideal gamer room layouts.
  • Pay attention to on going discount and Black Friday deals etc, and start shopping.
  • Remember it is always an on going project, so purchase the necessary MUST HAVE ITEMS first. You will get more inspiration and ‘feel the space better’ once the big furniture and major electronics are sitting in the room.
  • Add more decoration and organization gadgets once the major planning is set.

Ambient lighting is really important for gaming room designs. The pictures below show the smart use of ambient lighting and color tones on the screens’ wallpapers. The combination gives intimacy to the room.

To make the room even more pleasant and cozy, use a stripped flowing with carpet on it.

Moreover, the style of the rooms is improved by matching color storage boxes and other furniture.

To add a more enjoyable view, you can hang some really good wall or street art pieces to demonstrate the difference in tastes between the 2 persons.

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  • 8. Stardew Valley
  • 9. Don’t Starve Together
  • 10. Divinity II


With the right design, a couple’s game room can be a great place to get away from it all. Whether you’re into strategy games, card or board games, puzzles or video games, there’s a theme for you!

Final tips for creating your own couples game room:

Decorate in neutral colors if you’re decorating for multiple activities. This way, you can easily change out accessories and decorations as needed to suit the activity!

Use furniture that is durable and easy to clean if you have children or pets. Accidents happen so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

When choosing furniture and decorations, think about how they will look years down the road. If possible, try to buy items that are built to last and won’t look outdated in a few years. It’s also important that your furniture is comfortable so everyone in the family enjoys hanging out in the space!

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