Secret Hidden Room 2021: 17+ Small Closet Gaming Setup Ideas

Ever wonder what is the smallest gaming room in the world? Some of you gamers turned your walk in closet into a dream gaming room hidden in the bedroom, AND THE IDEA IS SO COOL, MAGIC!

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Dream Small Closet Gaming Room Setup

Your home might be small, but surely you can find enough space to fit a desk and monitor. Put the PC under the table, the gaming chair can be dragged in and out of the ‘gaming room’, speakers can be nailed on the wall, and when the door is closed, with proper soundproof nothing could be heard from outside.

However, be careful with the AC setup, with the PC running long hours it can be really hot in a small gaming room (But it can be cozy and just right for the winter). Good airflow is important for keeping your gadgets for proper running too.

How To Build A Secret Gaming Room in Your Basement?

Basements are perfect for gaming room setup as it will be dark and quiet for the gamer to get focused. It will be easy to keep the gaming room secret as well, just hide the entrance by an area rug(if it is on the floor), or a bookcase/mirror/painting(if it is on the wall) then you have a secret gaming room.

If you have limited space, don’t complicate the challenge. Any space that can fit in the following items can be your new gaming room.

  • Gaming seating
  • High quality sound planning
  • Acoustic control
  • Computer/Laptop/Console
  • Gaming desk
  • Electricity supply
  • Good ventilation
  • Gaming accessories
  • Snacks & drinks

How To Build A Hidden Secret Gaming Room In The House?

Here are some ideas of where to hide your secret small gaming room:

  • In the cupboard under the stairs
  • In a closet
  • In the attic
  • In the basement
  • In a section of the garage
  • In a deep bookcase
  • In a tree house
  • Between floors
  • At the end of the corridor
  • In a section of the bathroom

Read this guide for more ideas on hidden secret room design.

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