Small Gaming Bedroom Setup: 17+ Game Room Ideas On A Budget (2021)

How to make a gaming setup in a small room? No room for dedicated gaming heaven? If you need to set up a gaming desk in the bedroom or studio apartment then this guide is for you.

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Below you can find some really innovative ideas including bed gaming chair ideas, small gaming room designs with bed, & more space-saving gamer bedroom furniture ideas. Learn the best organization hacks for small video game room setup now!

Gamer Bedroom Furniture

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Furniture

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This furniture design is great for small gaming bedroom because glass tabletop with metal frame will look transparent & light in a compact space. – ‘…There’s a lot of space on the desk top. The bottom shelf has enough clearance for a full tower case. Shelves are large enough for printers. The glass is a nice thickness. All in all it’s a nice desk, well worth the relatively modest price.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Mini Fridge

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10x the comfort level in the gamer bedroom – ‘I bought myself this stylish little fridge to outfit my man cave. Filling it with my favorite craft beers and wine bottles is more fun than it should be.

The fridge looks great. The LED glow is very attractive and the fridge is solidly built and came very well packaged.

I have the temperature set high and everything is kept cold but not freezing. It’s nice at the end of my work day from home to pull a cold glass and a can of beer out the fridge and relax with a brew.

The capacity is pretty good although the top shelf is limited by the internal controls. The bottom shelf can stack about 3 cans deep and 5 wide. I’ve gotten at least 5 750ml bottles of wine in there too.

The fridge isn’t too loud. You can hear it hum as it cools, but it never bothers me while I’m working all day next to it. Overall, it’s a very nice looking addition to my man cave.’

✅ Best Bedroom Organization For Gamers

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Solid and Well Made, best for organizing/displaying a huge collection – ‘I’ve been looking for something that I could use to store/organize my DVDs/Blu-rays/video games, and this does the job quite nicely. The product itself is high quality and sturdy; once it’s assembled, you may be surprised by how heavy it actually is. Because I placed it on carpet I used the optional wall screw/zip tie securing feature, which is great if you have kids (as I do). As you can see in the picture, there’s a lot of storage available, but I filled it up almost immediately. Basically, I underestimated how much media I have. If you have a lot of DVDs/etc., you may want to opt for something just a bit bigger.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Chair

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Save money + space: This gaming chair has lighting & massage features built in! – ‘Awesome. Purchased for my son for Christmas ans was not disappointed!! He loves this chair. Very comfortable and the massage is awesome!! The led lights really make the chair!! Very cool!!!’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Beanbag

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Best for power nap – ‘I LOVE THIS THING! Totally worth it. I needed a place in my office where my grilfriend and I could sit and watch tv or just take a nap. Its the perfect size for two people…possibly 3 actually haha I love the color, texture, and how big the stuffing expanded after a month or so after getting it. After work (I work at amazon actually) I’m completely drained and I’m usually minutes away from passing out…I lay on this baby and I fall fast asleep 🙂 Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

Small downside: sometimes the stuffing gets hard if you dont move for a long period of time. Its a memory foam type deal which might be the problem..but after a bunch of months of me fluffing it up and letting it expand that doesnt seem to be much of a concern anymore. Be patient with it! You ll love it :)’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Body Pillow

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‘I love this pillow. My children had been asking for body pillows but most I had gone across were flimsy or poor quality. As they like to sit in their rooms to watch movies or read I stumbled upon this and puchased as Christmas gifts. However I sustained a significant back injury in December so come Christmas morning found myself leaning against this as we unwrapped gifts and realized how great it was so purchased one for myself.

They are quite unexpected as they arrive in relatively small bags tightly wrapped. So soon as you open they pop out and ‘grow’ so in 24 / 48 hours the memory foam expands and fills in all the fabric. It is also worth noting that they have no discernible smell which is a plus as I gave retuned memory foam products for having chemical smells.

The pillow is very full and perfect for relaxing, reading or movie watching. I chose the grey color and it’s a nice shade with good quality fabric. The cushion is supportive and comfortable but be aware it’s rather large so not easily stored.

Great buy. It might be slightly more expensive than similar pillows but is significantly better quality.’

Gamer room with bed OR gamer room in bed? See it yourself and decide!

Popular Now

Gamer Bedroom Decor

With these gamer decorations, we sure know there will always be a gamer in room.

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Door Keep Out Sign

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video game geek fiance – ‘Bought this for my fiance. He is a video game geek and works night shift. This lets me know when he’s sleeping in the bedroom and I shouldn’t enter. Very cute and he loves it.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Wall Decor

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Thinner than expected but look good – ‘These pictures are so cute. When my sister saw them she had me order her a set. These are a must buy’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Wall Tapestry

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This tapestry really adds character and brigh, beautiful colors to your room. – ‘Great material, washable and much larger than I expected. Would love all the backdrops to come like this’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Bedding Set

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Awesome for gamer girls & boys – ‘My boys are in love with there new bed. The colors are awesome’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Curtains For Boys Room

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So cool – ‘My husband was in charge of decorating the TV room, and picked these curtains. The whole family loves them! They are so cool! This is our second set of designer curtians from this company, great quality and concepts.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedding For Boys

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Needs buttons – ‘Very soft and colors are bright. Wish it had buttons to keep the duvet from moving to the bottom’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Pillow

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Great addition to my son’s gaming room decor’ – ‘I bought this as part of my 13-year-old son’s Easter. He doesn’t believe in the bunny anymore and he didn’t need candy so I decided to get him some practical things and this isn’t quite practical but I couldn’t turn it down because he’s a huge gamer. He opened it and he said “oh soft” I’m thinking it was a t-shirt and when he unfolded it he was so excited. He held it up and read it and said “I’d say that’s deserving”. He wouldn’t even let us wash it. He ran straight to the bed and put it on his pillow. He’s not full of himself much. Although my ex-husband has been gaming since the ’80s. He had a Atari. I don’t remember anything before the NES. I’m 39. My ex-husband has had every single gaming system and now so does my son. His Atari store works, NES, Sega, Sega Genesis, Nintendo GameCube you name it handheld Nintendo everything. My son has bookshelves in his room devoted into gaming and gaming systems and the games themselves. Maybe I need to think of insuring that. HaHa’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Slipper Shoes

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You’ll be a total boss. – ‘Bought these for my partner who is 28, I was unsure if theh would be like a joke present or would he actually wear them. He LOVES them and wears them all day because we are stuck inside with nothing to do during a pandemic. The graphic is really cute. He finds them comfortable. I actually bought a size 9 and a size 10 came but they arent massive on him.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Rug

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It’s cute – ‘Looks very nice in my son’s video game bedroom. It is very soft and very easy to be cleaned in the washing machine; a bonus for being in a kids room.’

Gaming Room Lights

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Lights

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Fantastic lights with awesome customizable settings – ‘Just like the ones seen on tiktok! These are super light weight say on pretty well and are easy to take off without any paint coming off. The only problem I see is the cord it comes with is a little heavy to hold the lights so I have the plugin box on a shelf but other than that I do recommend UPDATE: This device is on the same frequency as my Vision tv’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Neon Signs

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Cool addition to the gaming set-up. – ‘My son absolutely loves it. Turns it on every day.’

✅ Best Gamer Bedroom Lamp

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Super cool for any hardcore Zelda fan! – ‘Awesome gift for our Zelda obsessed sons and my husband ! Perfect nightlight, not to dim & not to bright. Love that it projects the triforce symbol on the wall. My only suggestion would be for a longer, regular style cord instead of a USB cord that doesn’t even include the wall plug.’

How big should a gaming room be?

Each gaming room comes in different sizes and there is no standard size of which a gaming room should be, but a gaming room should be at least 2 meters squared in order to give the gamer a comfortable amount of space to game.

How do you create a gaming setup?

The Ultimate Gaming Setup (What You Need)
1. Wide and solid desk
2. Comfortable chair
3. Gaming monitor (large screen preferred)
4. Keyboard
5. Gaming mouse
6. Speakers
7. Headset & Mic
8. Good lighting
9. Snacks

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