Kawaii Gamer Girl Room Setup: 60+ Pink Cute Aesthetic Gaming Decor Concepts To Copy (2021)

Are you looking for pink & kawaii gamer room ideas?

The following cute gaming room stuffs & aesthetic pictures may become your ultimate inspiration. These aesthetic gaming room filled with kawaii gamer things will be loved by everyone, even someone who’s not a girl, nor a gamer.

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✅  Best Kawaii Gaming PC Case

‘I got mine for my new build. I was looking for something that wouldn’t vreak the bank but was also good quality. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on it. It turned out to be a little tight for all my stuff but a friend made everything fit perfectly.
The fans are super quiet and you can easily remove them to put your own if you wanted to do so. I had to in order to place the extra cooler. It’s got a button on the top front to change the light settings if you dont want just all rainbow.I love it!! ????????????’ – So beautiful, I’m in love!

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✅  Best Kawaii Gaming Mini PC Tower

‘Probably the best mini ITX case I have ever owned. There is a lot of attention to detail with this case. The workmanship and the materials are top-notch. I love the RGB included lights with the RGB light up bottom. The fans are very premium and can be used with a radiator. Wiring will be tight in the back of the case however. I would recommend purchasing an additional two 120mm fans to breathe air directly into your GPU. You might need a small fan controller at this point.
I’m a huge fan of the wireless cell phone charger on top of the case. The case includes black rubber feet that you can stick onto the bottom of the Plexi feet. This is optional. The temperature inside the case is amazing, especially when adding the two additional bottom fans.’ – Great case. High end.

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Headset

‘Absolutely, hands down, the best headphones I have ever used.

I waited a bit to review these so that it would be accurate. Some people may think I’m over exaggerating but I have owned headphones that were over $300, and these are far better than those headphones. Not only are they cute, they are comfortable and great quality. The sound is amazing and so customizable from the software that gets downloaded. These are so great that I want the black ones (I got them in pink) and now I want more razer products.

The detailing on these are so good, and the cat ears are adorable. You can completely customize these on your computer after the software is downloaded and customize the input, output, the colors of the lights emitted from the ears plus so much more.

For the price, these were a win. I recommend anyone buy these, I was going to write a pros and cons list but I don’t have any cons to say.’ – Cute, amazing, best headphones I’ve used

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Desk

‘Since I’ve been working from home, I needed something that could hold my computer setup, and my work computer setup. (Four monitors in all). The giant mousepad is cute, the wire control is nice, though not as heavily used as I’d expected. (I have enough room between wall and desk to just slide the wires down to the outlet). Assembly wasn’t hard ( the included tools were nice), but using a drill sped things up.

Also it’s a pink kitty desk, and I love it. It’s cute, it makes me smile despite the horrible year that has been 2020, and it makes other people smile too. (Maybe in fear because I’m not one of those people who has a lot of pink decor and they think I’ve snapped?) I don’t care. I’m an adult. I like my pink desk. No, it’s not going to match the rest of my furniture and I’m not even going to try.

It’s very liberating.’ – I’m an Adult, I Can Have a Pink Desk If I Want To

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Laptop

‘Bought this for my teenager . They manage gaming, school , YouTube and various art apps on it and I haven’t had a single complaint from them since they got it . Call me a satisfied customer!’ – One happy kiddo!

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Keyboard

‘I’m a girl and there are very few options out there for cuter looking gaming gear, so I’ve constantly been stuck with Razer. They only had a few pink things and THANK GOD expanded. I upgraded from the other pink keyboard (I’m not sure the name but when I bought it, it was more expensive then this one and now its cheaper) It was great, had it for a few years. Decided to get this one when I found it and its a dreaaaaaam. Way better then the other one, such an upgrade, the keys feel amazing, it looks and feels more well made. The little plastic extra arm piece is definitely stupid. And since you can see the LED lights through the keys it makes it a lot brighter but some of the colors like red and orange are a little blinding. Overall v happy with it.’ – Pink

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Mouse

‘The performance for shooters is outstanding, i never thought a mouse can create such impact in gameplay. Did some csgo team deathmatches and this mouse is the real deal, i’ve never felt so confident in my aiming before. It’s extremely light, and although my DPI setting is generally high i never had problem slowing down and pinpointing my targets for the kill. Very happy with the purchase.’ – Phenomenal mouse, worth the price!

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Monitor Cover

‘When dust setteles on a monitor and without proper cleaning for a period of time it eventually affects the screen. This solution is simple, cover your monitor when your done and you never have to wipe it or clean it. I have a 4k monitor and I want it to last and this item is perfect!’ – Essential

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Monitor Decor

‘Love them so much! My coworkers stop and ask me if I had them made. Easy to put on the monitors. I would definitely recommend this purchase. They are a rare find. I think I saw maybe 2 other covers. Out of those 2, one was Christmas themed.’ – I hated having a black monitor that didn’t match the rest of my setup

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Room Decor

‘Probably some of the best LED’s I’ve seen on amazon and in stores, they don’t cost $75+ and they look just as good (excluding the rather ancient remote design) but they were really easy to install look great and haven’t had any issues with them since.’ – These Look Great in My Room and Great Stickablity

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✅  Best Kawaii Pink Gaming Mouse Pad

‘These are beyond wonderful for protecting the desk and providing a nice surface for writing, keyboarding, and for a mousepad. After purchasing one, I knew I needed two more. I love my desk but it is not the highest quality. These terrific desk pads are not only functional, they are beautiful. I know that the money that I spent is being used to provide functionality and protection. There was no funky smell and I simply rolled them backwards to get them to lie flat. I rolled them backwards and let them sit in the carton that they came in for about half an hour. That was all that was needed and they lie completely flat. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this product again.’ – Ordered three of them; well worth the money!!!

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✅  Essential For Kawaii Pink Room Repair

‘Amazing tape! I used this pink duct tape to cover the front edges of my monitors to make them match better with my gaming setup. The application was super easy and they have been sticking very well! The color is so nice! I also used some of it on my headset stand to add some pink. Easy process to make these items a lot cuter!’ – Cute and strong hold

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Gamer Girl PC Build

When you are designing your girly room for gaming, going all pink might not be the best idea. Instead, you can try black & pink, white & pink, or a mix of different soft colors. At the end of this blog we provided even more different aesthetic gamer room designs for girls of different styles.

Many gamers play at nights when it is dark, but don’t want to have any table light on so not to affect the gaming screen. That is why it is a good idea to have a keyboard with built-in lights, so you can see which key you are pressing. Some of my recommended keyboards have programmable keys, it means you can make a macro key. Some games have repetitive tasks which are a bit annoying, but with these special keyboards you can just program a button to do it! 

✅  Pink PC build is really uncommon & hard to find! Just click the images to see more info on Amazon.com, Add to cart first before they turn unavailable again!

Do you like these gamer room ideas for girls? Remember to pin the images into Pinterest for future reference!

Girl Gaming Chair

If you are a pink gamer girl, or if you have a girlfriend or daughter that is, then you will love this HUGE list of pink gamer girl gifts and gamer room chair ideas.

How to choose a good gaming chair? The 4 board categories are

  • PC Gaming Chairs
  • Console Gaming Chairs
  • Racing Simulator Seats
  • Bean Bag Chairs

A good gaming chair should support your head & arm, and allow you to spin freely. It should be ergonomic and comfortable for long hours seating. The design should match with the overall color scheme of the room.

✅  Click the images to see what other Amazon customers say about the these pretty chairs, they are all with 1k+ good reviews!

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Gamer Girl Headset

When choosing a gamer headset, evaluate the designs of the earcups, the shape, the material and the open or closed design. Many gamer girls have a cute cat ears headset, the recommended models below are not only comfortable to use, but also look kawaii for photos.

If you have small ears and a compact gaming headset, round, on-ear ear cups are an excellent choice. For gamers with a larger head and prominent ears, the larger, over-ear oval ears are a big plus.

Reminder: Having your pink headset laying on the table is not really ideal for your nicely organised gaming room. Accidents happen all the time and you can be so unlucky that you somehow tip over a glass of water and possibly ruin your expensive headset. That is why you also need a headset stand, a pink design looks cute and is very practical. It is also an excellent gift idea for any gamer girl.

✅  Hard to find girly gaming gadgets? We did the research for you! Just click the images to see different color options on Amazon.com, remember to get the headset stand too!

Kawaii Gaming Room Decor

If you are really serious about making a girly gaming setup, then you need to put some of these items on your Christmas or birthdays list. My huge list covers everything that you will need for your pink gamer room setup. Which headset, mouse, and gaming chair you should get? Let’s start browsing!

Tips ==> no matter what is your decoration style, lighting design is the most important thing for a gaming room design. That includes a good light blocking curtain, mood light, and good blue light screen protector/glasses to protect your eyes.

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Pink Gamer Girl Aesthetic Room

Do you have a custom gamer room, a gaming bedroom, or a gaming corner in the living room?

The gamer space is the place where you should feel comfortable and private. Decide on the color (minimal/aesthetic/pastel/pinky/white) first then keep it simple yet cute. Pink and shades of pink were often used. You can mix the pink theme with tones of black, white, or purple to give a more unique result.

✅  Like what you see? Clicks the images to see the current price on Amazon. ==> If you are decorating an empty gamer room from scratch, then you might be interested in these VERY CUTE pink furniture too!

More Gamer Girl Gaming Setup Ideas

More and more female gamers are entering the community in extremely prominent roles. From big streaming names like Pokimane and Amouranth, female gamers are rapidly taking over the new landscape of the video game world.

Are you a female game lovers who is planning to decorate your room with the theme of your favourite game. In this article, we shared gaming setups that gamer girls can love.

Transform any rooms, add a unique aesthetic touch to your gaming setup with these ideas. While having the necessary hardware is the first step to following in the footsteps of some of the best female gamers in the world, aesthetically you need to make your environment conducive! One major general theme among Gamer Girl rooms is that many employ some form of backlit purple lighting. Following some of these tips, combined with a clean, non-cluttered background – should any Gamer Girl should be able to build as cool of a spot as possible!

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Cute Gamer Girl Room Setup: 60+ Pink Kawaii Aesthetic Decor Concepts To Copy (2021)
The following cute gaming room pictures may become your ultimate inspiration. These aesthetic gaming room will be loved by everyone, even someone who's not a girl, nor a gamer.

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