7 Best Gaming Mouses In (2024) – Wired VS Wireless, Ergonomic, Grip Type, Wifi

There are many options for gaming mouses, maybe even too many of them for comparison or research. For advanced players, you’ll wish to follow battle-examined mice that function very low response instances (and contemplate a wired gaming mouse). Informal players, alternatively, can get away with shopping for older or cheap gear that doubles for everyday work.

Listed below are our picks for the best gaming mouse for 2024 base on different preference/situations.

✅ Best Budget Wifi Gaming Mouse – Logitech G602

‘I’ve been using mice since 1985. I have used a couple dozen mice. This (discontinued, cheap) mouse is my favorite.

– Logitech. They make good mice.
– Six assignable side buttons. Enough to be useful, not so many I can’t find the one I need.
– Up to 2500 dpi. Plenty for my needs.
– Batteries last months, not days.

– Doesn’t have fast wheel scrolling.
– Discontinued.
– Right-handed only.’ – Best of many, many mice

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✅ Best Bluetooth Journey Gaming Mouse – Razer Atheris

‘Definitely wanted something small to travel with because I take my laptop about everywhere and this is perfect. I have also tried it on my PC to play a few games like Apex and COD. For the price this is a steal’ – Great travel mouse for the price.

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✅ Best Price Wifi Gaming Mouse – Logitech G305

‘This mouse is absolutely amazing for the price that I paid for it. It is relatively ergonomic and has a nice matte finish that keeps it from showing smudges and makes it easy to clean. So let’s move into some of the pros and cons.

– Good ergonomics
– Smooth gliding feet
– Super accurate, Low-latency sensor
– Easily customizable

– G-Hub software is required to initially set-up and use the mouse
– No Lighting personalization. (This isn’t necessarily an issue for me, but I thought I’d mention it because this might be a deal-breaker for some people)

My overall conclusion is that the mouse is an outstanding mouse that is super high quality especially for the price that you pay for it. Before trying this mouse I went through a wireless mouse by Razer and it died on me after only 1 month of use. I’ve had this mouse for about the same amount of time and even though it was half the price of the Razer mouse, it stands head and shoulders above it.’ – Best Mouse Performance for the Price

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✅ Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse – E-Blue Mazer II

‘With RGB lighting, adjustable DPI, and a great additional piece of software, this mouse is def. worth the money! I’ve been using for 2 weeks, and have not looked back! It has great tracking, adjustability and lighting cycles. The additional software (only for Windows) is also must have and is free (link is found underneath the mouse as QR code. Only minor complaint is that it does hold sweat/hand grease a little more than other mice, but I just wipe down every so often to keep clean’ – Great mouse for the price!

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✅ Best Wifi Gaming Mouse With A Laser Sensor – Razer Lancehead

‘i love alot of things about this mouse all the buttons and the one click dpi changes the ability to go from wireless to wired so easily if i had to have one complaint i would say that when you unplug to go wireless sometimes it takes a second to catch up and realize whats happening’ – love all the customization options

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✅ Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse – Logitech G903

‘I’ve had this mouse for around three years now without a single mishap. I play some competitive games and I feel as if I’m making no compromises for having a wireless mouse. Creating macros is easy, the mouse itself looks great, and the battery life is stellar (and even better if you turn off the RGB). What’s not to like? For starters, the price may seem steep, but I have no intention of replacing the mouse so this isn’t much of a problem. Other than that, it is definitely a bit on the heavier side, but as someone who plays with low DPI, I still feel comfortable after long sessions. 10/10.’ – Marvelous

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✅ Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse – SteelSeries Rival 650

‘– Recap of Experience —

I love this mouse. The first one I received had an issue in a few days with a button (lets be honest, in todays world of mass production this is going to happen). The support was quick to support, quick to send a replacement, and didn’t even ask me to send it back – just for pictures of it destroyed. The entire experience was excellent and I have now used the mouse for 2 months and it is my favorite mouse yet.

— Pros —
– Mouse is VERY comfortable to use if you have slightly bigger hands and wanted something to help keep your fingers off the mouse pad
– Buttons are in great positions
– Mouse is responsive and good for both MMO’s and FPS’s
– Mouse is highly customizable

— Cons —
– Only issue I have is when clawing the mouse to reposition it, I occasionally press an unintended button. This doesn’t happen often and has not taken away from the experience for me.’ – Great Mouse, Even Better Support

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