Epic Design Schemes With Gray Colors: 11 Video Game Room Paint Ideas For 2024

Gray gaming rooms make you feel calm, safe and secure. It is the color to go for if your gaming room doubles as your living room, bedroom or home office. This color scheme works well with minimalist style or cyber style full of displays and details. It will also look amazing when you start to mix other colors in through adding decorative lighting, PC setup, wall displays, gaming accessories, furniture etc. Gray walls can be easily accepted by men and women of any age. You can go for light gray for smaller rooms, or dark gray if you want a more embed work/gaming atmosphere.

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Best Game Room Wall Clock

Easily see the time, temperature and date – This clock is just what you needed. At night you can keep up with the time, temperature, and date very easily. When the room is dark, the display automatically dims. In the daylight the display shines bright so easily viewed. And with the wireless remote control you can change the display in so many ways.

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Best Game Room Wall Decals

Life sized Darth Vadar – This was the hardest to put up, but once its up it looks amazing! It’s certainly the focal point in your room.

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Best Game Room Wall Stickers

Great product – Exactly what you want! Looks great and fits the space. You have to take your time sticking it to the wall to avoid bubbles.

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Best Game Room Wall Lights

Good looking addition to the game room decor – The face is mirrored which is hard to tell by the picture. But it lights up nicely and had the normal modes such as fade to dark as well as fading to other colors, switching quickly or just staying a specified color.

Below we included 11 awesome gamer room design schemes that will work well with gray color, let’s start exploring.

White And Gray

Purple And Gray

Black And Gray

Green And Gray

Red And Gray

Pink And Gray

Blue And Gray

Dark Gray

Light Gray



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