Arcade Evolution : How Technology Has Changed Video Games? (2021)

Arcade games started from a humble title, Pong, and
then went on to become a rage. The games primarily
evolved around a simplistic design and raw game play.

The newer arcade games made the use of immense leaps
in the graphic technology. The arcade games were
designed to be played with a group of friends in pubs,
malls and restaurants.

These days arcade games are more than isolated gaming
sessions. Arcade games have numerous communities and
clans committed to keeping the tradition.

The arcade games later appeared on home consoles. They
started out as redemption games, pinball machines and
video games.

The popularity suffered as the arcades were labeled as
seedy, unsafe places. They saw resurgence with the
advent of the “two players fighting each other” games
such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Killer

But, then, again the game consoles and PC’s with 3d
accelerator cards successfully dwarfed the advantage
arcade games enjoyed. The success of arcade games over
the previous generation of home computer was the
ability to customize and use the newest graphics and
sound cards.

The steep decline ensured that they could no longer
fund their technologies.

By late 90’s the internet made matters worse for the
arcades. The human to human competition was taken to a
newer level.

Since then, the arcade games have been ported to other
consoles and emulated on PC’s. Today the online arcade
games have a huge fan following with thousands of
tournaments being held online every year.

The online arcade games are evolving at a fast pace
and the arcade world visualizes an altogether
different future for the industry.

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