Tips for Enjoying an eSports Stream

Streaming esports is gradually becoming a nationwide hobby. Non-gamers are starting to recognize games like DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the spread of high-speed internet connection is making it easier for fans around the world to follow these events live.

As fun as watching an online match is though, there are many things that can disrupt the experience. Malfunctioning Wi-Fi, an uncomfortable chair, and even just watching a relatively boring match can all reduce your level of enjoyment. But with a couple of tweaks, we can transform each individual stream into a truly engaging experience.

Tips for Enjoying an eSports Stream
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Get a Reliable Internet Connection

Streaming a game through Twitch, like online matches, can be easily ruined by a bad internet connection. Of course, no service is infallible, but you can reduce your chances of image freeze by, for example, connecting your computer to the router through a cable.

The good news is that streaming a live video doesn’t require amazing bandwidth. 2 or 3 Mbps is enough for achieving a smooth stream at standard resolution. If you are considering having guests and using a large 4K screen though, you should ensure you at least have 25 Mbps.

Set-up the Right Type of Furniture

Game rooms tend to be a place designed for individual play during weekdays, but they also have to be easily adaptable for offline multiplayer sessions at home. Most would probably have at least a couple of chairs ready. Having guests for an esports stream may require additional pieces though.

As we frequently point it here Room For Gaming, good pieces of furniture can make or break a game room. Esport matches tend to last more than a couple of minutes, so your guests need to be able to stay in a comfortable position for a long time. A sofa with a couple of pillows is a good start, but adding one or two bean bags may be necessary to ensure everyone is having a good time.

Consider a Friendly Bet

Once you get used to streaming esports, you may start trying different teams and games. However, some matches may be less exciting than others, especially if you are not familiar with the players or prizes involved. Luckily, this has an easy fix.

Making a bet, even a small one, can immediately make the game more engaging. If you have friends over, try betting in advance on opposing teams. You will both feel more invested in each play and even discuss the match afterward.

Voting on Team Choices

As we mentioned, the more interested you are in a team, the more relevant each play and result will become for you. One way to achieve this is by purchasing fan tokens, which are a form of cryptocurrency which helps fans feel a bit more connected to their teams by giving them access to rewards like free tickets and discounts.

Fan tokens, introduced by Socios a couple of years ago, also give owners the opportunity to participate in polls that influence certain team decisions. Buyers can decide, for example, on the banner a team will use during a season or even future match conditions. A streaming session, therefore, becomes much more exciting when you can see the effects of your vote on the screen.

Following an online match of CS:GO or StarCraft can be a deeply engaging form of entertainment. Fans can get excited to see unexpected plays, an underdog beating the multiple cup winner, or watching their favorite team pass into the next stage of a tournament. But even for experienced fans, adding factors like a comfortable chair, or influencing the team decisions can only make the stream more fun.

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