(Problems Gamers Face 2021) Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Culture

What month is gamer month?

As of now, the month of October is considered by many gamers to be the gamer month. Although there is no official gamer month, several petitions have been raised internationally to make certain months a time to appreciate gaming.

I love video games what job should I get?

  1. Pro Gamer
  2. Video Game Streamer
  3. Video Game Youtuber
  4. Video Game Designer
  5. Video Game Software Developer
  6. Video Game Programmer
  7. Video Game Engineer
  8. Video Game Sound Professional
  9. Video Game Tester
  10. Video Game Character Animator

How to start a career in video games?

  1. Audition to join a pro gaming training team
  2. Post your gaming plays on online platforms
  3. Start your own gaming Youtube Channel
  4. Stream your gameplays on Twitch or Afreeca
  5. Join a gaming company by showing your passion for games
  6. Try designing your own game
  7. Become a game quality assurance tester for an existing game company
  8. Get a video game-related college degree
  9. Start your own gaming blog
  10. Try to join video game competitions to prove your skills in gaming
  11. Work in the customer service department for a gaming company
  12. Register on Swagbucks which pays people to do certain tasks including gaming
  13. Be the first person to provide game tutorial videos
  14. Sell an account that is already high level in a certain game 1
  15. Become a trader in a pre-paid game

How to fix gamer headset dent?

If you have a headset dent after long hours of gaming, try to wet your hair slightly and then dry your hair by whisking it with your hands. If you realize the dent when playing games, wear the headset around your neck instead for the remaining game session. If you are about to play games with headphones, wear a hat under your headphones so no dent will be created.

How to wear beats with long hair?

The best way to wear headphones with long hair is to first make a ponytail, wear the headphone appropriately on your head, then finally release the ponytail so your hair rests suitably behind your headphones.

Who is angry Korean gamer?

Shin Tae Ill, also known as the “angry Korean gamer” is a South Korean gamer who streams live on Afreeca, which is a South Korean online streaming platform. By adopting a new style of game streaming, Shin Tae Ill does a variety of dangerous challenges such as lighting his genital hair on fire or eating toxic liquid when he loses a game.

Why is South Korea so good at eSports?

The reason behind South Korea’s success in eSports lies in the country’s gaming infrastructure and culture. The vast prevalence of gaming cafes around the country allows kids to game together with friends from a very young age, which naturally develops team gaming.

Are gaming cafes profitable?

Gaming cafes are generally known to be profitable as a large portion of gamers loves to gather in one area to play their games. Especially for young gamers who have to suffer from their parents at home every time they game, gaming cafes provide an excellent solution where they can spend quality gaming time together with their friends without interruption.

How do gamers earn money?

Within the gaming industry and the pro gaming world, there are five sources of income for professional gamers: prize money, salaries, sponsorships, live-streaming, and video-on-demand content.

Is gaming a good career option?

Becoming a pro gamer is not easy as it sounds, so pursuing a gaming career is only viable if you think you are well better than others at a game that is worldly popular. In other cases, it is extremely difficult to earn a living through gaming.

Is gaming a waste of time?

According to a market research company in the United States, 73% of Americans over the age of 2 play video games of some sort. This statistic goes off to show how popular gaming is nowadays and simply how fun it is to many people. No matter what others might say, having fun is an important aspect of life and can not be proposed as a waste of time. Nevertheless, it is indeed important to limit yourself to this fun in order to not lose other important aspects of life.

How many hours do pro gamers play?

The amount of time played can differ for every single pro gamer out there, but as the world of gaming is extremely demanding both physically and mentally, pro gamers play around 10 to 14 hours a day on average almost every day.

What jobs are there in esports?

Even though many might think pro gaming is the only career in the esports industry, there are a variety of jobs related to esports such as coaching, team management, marketing, event planning, and even social media coordinating.

How do you become a pro gamer?

9 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer
1. Find your passion for gaming. Becoming a pro gamer is not easy, you must love gaming in the first place.
2. Find your ideal game that you believe you can excel at.
3. Gear up with gaming equipment
4. Practice your gaming skills as much as possible
5. Join a gaming community to seek opportunities
6. Audition for a gaming team to analyze your potential
7. Find your team that can support your gaming both physically and financially
8. Climb up the competition ladder above other gamers
9. Become a pro gamer

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