Gaming Room With Clouds

Have you seen a gaming room design where cloud-shaped lights covered the ceilings like an aurora borealis?

Perhaps you’re into the concept of having sky-inspired decorations in your gaming room. If so, we’re here to help. This is an ideal design for a gamer’s room because you get to enjoy both cool and dreamy colors and designs in one go.

Here’s some options to how you can achieve that clouds-inspired look for your gaming room:

Install a Lights Projector

A light projector is a very useful device that can easily create the illusion of clouds in your gaming room.

A light projector creates an optical illusion by projecting light into the air. The brightness and color of the projected light depends on how you set it up and where you point it to.

Commonly, you can find light projectors that can project colorful images resembling the galaxy, the sky, and the stars. With a little surfing through the internet, you’re likely to find a brand that can fulfill your clouds-shaped dreams.

Get Neon Signs in Cloud Shapes

If you’re not a fan of lights that project images, consider neon signs instead. Neon signs can be used to create the illusion of clouds in your gaming room.

Neon signs come in many different shapes and sizes. With some research, you could probably find a seller offering neon signs in custom designs. When you do find one, you can just request one (or multiple) to be made in the shape of a cloud!

The best part about this option is that it’s very affordable and easy to install. All you need is some tape and a hammer to hang up the sign on your wall or ceiling. Then, just plug it into an outlet for power!

You can also make use of LED strips or fairy lights as lighting sources for this idea too if you want more control over the color spectrum.

It will take some careful planning and application process, but you could likely arrange your strips or fairy lights to form shapes resembling clouds. It’s even better if they come in soft white and blue hues, resembling actual skies and clouds.

All the Time in the World, but No Budget? DIY it!

If you want to go the extra mile, you could DIY some cloud-shaped fluffs to make the design even more realistic.

I think the RGB Cloud was the missing piece from battlestations

To create this, you would need a poster board, color-changing light strips (you could also use Christmas lights!), duct tape, poly-fil fiber, a glue gun or a spray adhesive, and a dust mask for protection.

Tape the duct tape onto your poster board, then stick the board sheets onto the ceilings or the walls, depending on where you want your clouds to be.

Use your choice of glue to stick your light strips or Christmas lights onto the poster boards. Be careful not to get any on the light bulbs, or you’ll ruin the effect of the lights.

Finally, use your glue to attach your poly-fil “clouds.” By this point, you should have your very own neon clouds in your gaming room!

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