107 Cool Real Life Minecraft Themed Gamer Room Accessories, Furniture, Designs & Decor 2024 – Gaming Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

Millions of adults and kids have fallen into the addictive world of Minecraft. A new gaming room trend is to recreate the world from the 3D virtual world to real life, the result is impressive even if you double your gamer room as living room, bedroom or home office. Here is my wish list of Minecraft themed decor and gifts to achieve the Pinterest Tiktok worthy interior design result, let’s start shopping!

Minecraft Gaming Setup

✅ Your living room or bedroom may double as your gamer room, make sure to dress up your gaming gadgets with the Minecraft theme. –> Click the images to see current price!

Minecraft Gaming Chair

✅ There is no official Minecraft gaming chair but you can definitely get a green gaming chair with speakers and footrest, or a super comfortable green beanbag to match the overall color scheme! You can even get a Minecraft blanket to cover your current gaming chair to get the right look. –> Click the images to see more user reviews to get inspired!

Minecraft Room Organizers

✅ There is no better way to dress up your bedroom to Minecraft themed than getting these cute organizers. –> Make sure to click the images below to see how others are using them to decorate their Minecraft bedrooms (and doubling their Minecraft hamper or boxes as Halloween costumes)!

Minecraft Bedding

✅ These designs will be loved by kids & adults, perfect gifts for birthday & Christmas! –> Click the images to see size options!

Minecraft Room Decor

✅ Fill every corner of your room with these awesome Minecraft decorations, they will brighten your days! Also add them to cart now as they are the perfect gifts for all Minecraft fans. –> Click the images to see the current price!

Minecraft Blanket

✅ The easiest way to change the look of your room is to get a themed blanket and hide everything underneath. These blankets are soft and heavy, so they can be decorative and functional at the same time. –> Click the images to see Amazon customer reviews!

Minecraft Wall Decals

✅ When you shop for wall decals, make sure to check out if they are removable, exact dimensions, and also whether you will need to install them at once or piece by piece. –> Click the images to learn more!

Minecraft Poster & Wall Art

✅ With the right frame you can hang these posters and wall art in living room, bedroom, gamer room, bathroom or even kitchen! –> Click the images to see more photos from Amazon users!

Minecraft Curtains

✅ Together with a different lining, you can use these curtains for bathroom, kitchen or bedroom for privacy or light blocking –> Click the images to see tricks shared by other Amazon users!

Minecraft Area Rug

✅ There is not a large variety of choice, but you can also use a green rug to match the Minecraft color scheme. –> Click the images to see more reviews!

Minecraft Toys, Figures & Collector Items

✅ These are the best gift idea for those who loves video games, loves Minecraft, loves toys, and loves collecting.  –> Click the images to add to cart NOW!

Minecraft Kitchen

✅ Make kitchen & eating great again for Minecraft fans!  –> Click the images to buy now!

Minecraft Lamp

✅ There are many cool Minecraft lamps to choose from; which one is your favourite? –> Click the images to see current price!

Minecraft Party

✅ Are you hosting a Minecraft birthday or Christmas party? These items will surprise everyone and create unforgettable memories! –> Click the images to see current price!

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