Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks to Know Before you Play

Curving your way out among the pro Battlefield 2042 players is quite a task. It has taken the FPS world by storm, and everyone’s going crazy over it. So how do you survive the heinous world without getting killed? Don’t worry; we are to the rescue.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you newbies ace the game. We have prepared a list of tips and tricks that will surely help you in the game. But in case you want to go a step extra, there are hacks available in the market, and you can buy these Battlefield 2042 hacks.

Now let’s get started and read about the tips and tricks you must know before playing Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks to Know Before you Play 2

Practice Before Playing

While playing FPS games like Battlefield 2042, you have to be patient. A lot of practice is needed before you jump into the actual fights. Moreover, Battlefield 2042 comes with so many mechanics, weapons, ten agents with different abilities, and a lot more.

So you will need time and practice to understand all of these. For practice, you can drop into co-op or solo matches where you can practice without getting sniped by other players.

Careful While Spawning

You should be very careful while spawning in Battlefield 2042. If you are playing Breakthrough, Conquest, or any other portal modes, you should try to respawn near a fight. But be careful and don’t get too close as you don’t want to die instantly.

When you upgrade a bit and reach level sixteen, you can use Spawn Beacons. It gives you better control to direct your way towards the location near a battle without getting too close. It’s not necessary to spawn close to battle areas always. You can consider spawning further to snipe or set off a big flank sometimes as well.

Be Patient With the Vehicles

Vehicles in Battlefield 2042 are not easy to handle. Just like you need practice with the weapons, you need patience with the vehicles. Especially the air varieties like- helicopters and jets are quite a task to handle. So while you are in the practice mood, try some of these vehicles too.

But if you constantly practice and keep your patience, vehicles will become a great asset in Battlefield 2042.

Utilize the Plus System to Its Best

The plus system in the game allows you to customize a weapon. It might take a few minutes to figure out how it works, but once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing stopping you.

Using this system, you can set up a gun how you like it. You can also quickly swap between the configurations. Further, the system unlocks a whole lot of control systems for you, so it can be a total game-changer.

Understand Teamplay

Battlefield 2042 is not a lone wolf game. Irrespective of which mode you are playing, you have to be a team player. As a good team player, you need to pass on ideas, important messages and warn them of imminent dangers.

While taking part in battles, you need to make a big dent on the kill side. If you don’t have it, you should choose medical or ammo crates as your gadgets. Players will get wounded, and restocking their health as well as ammunition is vital.

You will get numerous XPs for the same. Some agents or specialists in the game have the ability to revive players to their full strength. So make sure that some of the team members choose such specialists.

Higher Grounds Can Give You Great Advantages

If you get a higher ground to form your base, it can make a huge difference in the game. It gives a better view of the horizon and also of the enemy movements. In the game, it makes a huge difference in how quickly you can pull the trigger and knock down your opponents.

So try to look for zip lines to shift quickly to a better spot. While attacking or defending, try to get to an alleviated spot and always consider your position.

Final Words

Battlefield 2042 is a game of frustration, anger, victory, loss, and a lot of mixed emotions. The game needs a lot of practice and dedication. So even if you don’t get the things right in your initial attempts, don’t get disheartened. Practice more until you reach success!

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