Why Should You Look at Getting A Tabletop Arcade Machine For Your Home?

Arcade games come in many different shapes and sizes. From larger arcade consoles, to smaller tabletop arcade machines that can be fully bespoke and designed to your personal taste. There is an arcade machine out there to suit everyone.

Tabletop arcade machines are probably the most convenient and the easiest to work into your home. In this article I will outline the reasons as to why you should consider purchasing a tabletop arcade machine, as well as discussing the ways in which you can incorporate one of these into your home’s interior.

Tabletop Arcade Machines vs Arcade Cabinets

Many people think of at home arcade machines and think of massive arcade cabinets like you would find in an amusement centre. Even though you can purchase these for your home these are more expensive and take up much more space. Tabletop arcade machines on the other hand are much more appropriate for a home setting.

These tabletop arcade machines are a lot easier to work into any space within your home, while still giving you the feeling of nostalgia that comes with playing these old school games. The convenience in size is just one of the reasons as to why a tabletop arcade machine is ideal for your home, not only can you put it on any work surface, it is easy to move it to other places if required.

Hosting Social Events

By owning a tabletop arcade machine you can become the main events holder within your social bubble. You will be able to invite your friends round, get them to bring drinks and order a takeaway and play the arcade game as much as you want to see who can get the highest score. This is a much cheaper alternative than going to an amusement centre or bar and feeding money into the arcade machines in these places.

When you purchase a tabletop arcade machine, they often come with a custom token or an option to play in freeplay. This means the machine does not require any additional money to be put into the machine. This is not an option that you have when playing these types of games in other venues.

As well as this, due to the fact that you are the person who owns the machine you can get as much practise in during your free time and be number one on the leaderboard.

Sense of Nostalgia

For many people owning a retro style arcade game comes with a great feeling of nostalgia. Older generations can be brought back to their childhood by playing games such as Pac-man and Donkey Kong. It also triggers the happy memories that you would have once had playing these games as a child. This is also something that can be shown to newer generations to allow them to experience the games that you grew up playing.

A lot of new games that are available on consoles such as the Xbox and Playstation follow a similar narrative to these old school games, but fail to give the same feeling of nostalgia due to the fact that they are a lot more high tech, and simply just not the same.

How a Tabletop Arcade Machine Can Fit Into Your Home

For some people going into someone’s home and discovering that they own a retro arcade machine would seem like a really cool concept. This is because they are not a common feature in everyone’s home. Whether it be a larger arcade cabinet in a man cave, or a tabletop arcade machine at a desk somewhere it still adds a retro aspect to the interior of your home.

A lot of these tabletop arcade machines can be custom made, so not only do you get the choice of game you want, these are fully customisable. This means there isn’t any reason as to why your arcade machine can not fit into your home like any other piece of furniture.

The overall aspect of having a bespoke arcade game in your house can give your home a personality. You can also express your own personality through how you decide to have your machine custom designed. These customisations can vary from colour, pattern to even the placement of the joysticks.

To Summarise

Many people want the nostalgia and the social status which comes with owning a retro arcade game, but do not want the large machine taking up lots of room and looking out of place in their home. These large retro looking arcade games associated with amusement centres can also be very costly.

If you still want all the excitement that comes with owning a retro arcade game at a smaller cost and size, you can look into getting a custom designed, tabletop arcade machine. This will not only cost you less, but will also be a more convenient size. This will take up less room when it is out on show, as well as being easy to move out of the way if needed.

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