What To Get A Gamer Guy For Valentine’s Day 2024? 50+ Ideas For All Types Of Gaming Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Dad, Son…

Valentine’s day is few days ahead, are you still hunting for the best most thoughtful, useful, fun gaming gifts for the important man in your life?

We collected a list of great gamer gift ideas at different price points for all kinds of guys – from romantic/gag Valentine’s cards, latest tech gadgets, VR starter packs, personalized gaming gifts, cool clothing, cute collectible items with hearts/love quotes, to epic gaming room decor – if you’re in a relationship with a gamer, check out these great video game-themed Valentine’s Day gifts and make your last minute order to surprise him!

For Romantic Gamers: ✅ Pixel Art Speaker

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Brings back all the childhood memories –

‘I love this thing. It’s a great speaker, but that’s not why I bought it. I just love the pixel art, and the fact that you can change it whenever you want. I’ve received a ton of compliments (it sits on my desk at work). Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth the price? I think so. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.’

For Gamers Who Need To Move More: ✅ Ring Fit Adventure

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Shut up and take my money. –

‘Such a fun way to work out! Major kudos to amazon warehouse on this one, got $20 off because the box was damaged but game was sealed new and controllers were new too! Love love love this game, don’t hesitate to get it. This works out every part of your body, it’s fun for all ages/weight/etc. and leaves you feeling exhausted but so happy!’

For Gamer Husband: ✅ Gag Valentine’s Day Card

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If you are looking to put a smile on their face, get this!! –

‘Card was a great addition to the anniversary gift :). I did not expect the card to be this good of a quality (some of the B-Day cards/Anniversary cards bought in stores are not this good of a quality). The scratch off piece was pretty cool aspect also.’

For Gamer Boyfriend: ✅ Lovely Mug

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Perfect gift for that gamer in your life –

‘This cup was the perfect gift for my gamer fiancé! Very well done, and arrived in a cute little box, in perfect condition. Unlike some coffee mugs you buy online where the design comes off if you put it in the dishwasher, this mug has already been through mine on hot/pots & pans setting, and came out just as great as when it arrived! Love it!!’

For Casual Gamers: ✅ Apple iPad Air

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 Small improvements combine for a great experience –

‘I purchased this as a sort-of alternative to my laptop. Just something to surf the web and social media on and play the occasional game. The speakers on this thing are INCREDIBLE. So loud and full of depth, it’s great to stream music off of. Totally recommend this for the casual user, and with it’s new chipset, this thing can handle some serious multitasking for the not-so casual. If you’re on the fence about buying an iPad Pro, I recommend you consider this as an option instead, unless video editing is something you’re planning to do constantly. I have no quarrel with this product! It has served me well so far.’

For Playstation Gamers: ✅ PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man Bundle

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Whole new world –

‘I have looked at going 3D for years but never could afford it. This was the right price at the right time. If you have never seem head mounted 3D. You won’t believe how great it is. Compared to 3D TV this is several times better. Warning! To really get the most from the experience you need to have a clear area. I had to move Furniture to get enough arm room. But it was worth it.’

For VR Gamers: ✅ Oculus Quest 2

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This thing can do a lot. Exceeded my expectations, even after looking at many reviews. –

‘… I tried it on and instantly was in another reality…I have never experienced anything like it! It will be fun to see what other games are like..where you interact with non-existent creatures! I’d love to see a glove made with sensors rather than manipulating your virtual hands with buttons.’

For Dad Gamers: ✅ Dad & Baby Matching Outfits

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Husband loved the gift –

‘Perfect, I bougth red because pink would’ve taken too long to ship and it was a last-minute gift. My boyfriend loved it and he loves wearing it. The material is softer and better quality than I expected.’

For Mobile Gamers: ✅ Mobile Game Controller

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Turn your phone into a Switch. –

‘This is exactly the product I’ve been waiting for. I bought it for playing Stadia and other streaming services. It fits my Google Pixel 2 xl perfectly. When attached it’s more comfortable to play than a Nintendo Switch. It works well with Android games too.

Update: You can remove the rubber grips on the inside to fit a phone with a case. It works incredibly well with my Spigen Rugged Armor case.’

For Nintendo Fans: ✅ Nintendo Mario Kart Deluxe Bundle

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I like the option of playing it handheld, or hooking up to the TV.
Plus you can watch Hulu on it so it doubles as a mini tablet you can take on the go. –

‘…Included in the box is:

1 Nintendo Switch
1 Joycon Set, Neon Blue & Red
1 Joycon Controller
1 Docking Station
1 Digital Code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
1 Digital Code for Nintendo Online for 3 Months

All of this above is roughly 370$, you save about 60$ by choosing this bundle.
Sadly, if you see it listed for above 299.99$ they are being sold by scalpers and bots. PLEASE AVOID THESE! Wait until the price drops back down, you may end up with some items taken or missing completely…’

For Cyberpunk Gamers: ✅ Limited Edition Cyberpunk Controller Gear

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Elegant Gears Art Piece –

‘I like that the color scheme and feel are just like the Kait controller. I’m a huge gears fan so this is a must. Nice to have a stand for making the controller look good and it is always charged!’

For Impatient Gamers: ✅ SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB

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Great external drive – very fast up & down load speeds – worth the extra bucks. –

‘I’ve tried far too many external drives and most were crap and were returned. This was totally different – has high storage capacity, tiny size, ultra fast transfer speeds – just what I’ve wanted for years.’

For Laptop Gamers: ✅ Best Gaming Laptop

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One of the Best Laptops Out There –

‘I using MacBook long time,I know ios is good for office but no gaming,so I just want to buy the Win10 for some games,but I didn’t have much hope for the Razer,I can not believe the 144Hz screen will be clearer than the MacBook,but It is do that!i7-10750 CPU and 2060 Max-Q GPU let me get a new world like haven!’

For Long Distance Gamers: ✅ Connection Digital Wrist Bracelets

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Stay close to your loved ones at all times 🙂 –

‘Very cool concept! I was not convinced at the beginning compared to other wearables, but the fact of knowing it is your love one thinking of you whenever you feel the touch makes it so special. The color customization is a nice touch. It is also a nice stress reliever when you are stuck into meetings or other random activities that you can take a break, think about your love one, communicate this thought, without anyone around you noticing it. Strongly recommended!’

For Couple Gamers: ✅ Lovers’ Spiral Ring

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Perfect in every way –

‘ordered these for me and my boyfriend a while ago and they have lasted so nicely! so sweet and we get compliments on how they look.’

For Lockdown Gamers: ✅ Digital Code Gift Cards

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Great Gift and Easy for Recipient to Redeem. –

‘Worked perfectly…Within a few minutes after checkout, I received the code-(which is typically located on the back of the card when purchasing this at the store), added it to my account & it was able to be used right away with no problems. Personally, this saved me a lot of time & hassle as I live in a rural area & purchasing the digital code on Amazon allowed me to skip the drive, wait in line etc. Now that I see how effortless this was compared to buying the card at the store, I intend to purchase the digital codes from now on. Perfect transaction start to finish!! Highly recommend! Happy customer!’

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Great Gift and Easy for Recipient to Redeem. –

‘Instant delivery, no hassle, no added fees to the card. 10/10 would recommend’

For Gamers Who Love More Customised Experience: ✅ Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

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Experience limitless customization and exclusive configuration options with the Xbox Accessories app –

‘I had the series 1 and i thought it will be the best controller for a very long time, but this controller is so much better.
The things I like is the solid feeling it has, the full grip in the handles, buttons are more responsive, the sticks pressure can be changed, it is Bluetooth compatible, has a rechargeable battery and a charging stand, and much more customizations and joysticks compared to the first version.’

For Retro Gamers: ✅ Gameboy Case with 36 Small Retro Game

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‘???? I can’t stop playing. Any free time I have I turn my phone over and play, especially Mario bros! Very addicting and fun. It has a large variety of games you can choose from. Besides the games it does it’s jobs which is protect my phone. Great all around.’

For Fashionable Gamers: ✅ Audio Sunglasses

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Cool Bluetooth Sunglasses –

‘This works really well! It is my first frame/headset. It is a bit large, but sound is awesomely clear. I was walking in the wind and received a call. i was able to talk and be heard clearly without covering the wind… normally what i would do on the cellphone.’

For Organized Gamers: ✅ Headphone Stand with USB Charger

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I LOVE this Earphone Holder & The Ports for Charging Devices –

‘I found this just browsing the “For You” part of Amazon and didn’t realize what a great space saver this can be. It works as a cable manager (for charging) and of course for your apple watch and headphones. The directions weren’t clear on how to get the watch charger through the opening. You have to pull straight up on the watch charger holder to get that part out in order to then pull the cable through, reattach the holder and set the circular watch charger in the base. You can cord manage with the inside of the base before putting it back together. Make sure you align the three pins at the bottom of the headphone stand into the watch charger holder so it assembles correctly, see pictures. Other than that it’s a great buy and nice accessory to have a clutter free desktop.’

For Couch Gamers: ✅ Couch Gaming Desk

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The best gaming couch platform! –

‘So with an additional baby on the way, the wife and decided (mostly the wife) that my 60” desk and awesome gaming battle station was no longer needed. Initially I thought to myself “well guess I’m not gaming until we move into a bigger house” boy was I wrong!

This lap desk battle station is in a league of its own. I know it’s made for typically a keyboard and mouse set up but as you can see I doctored it up and it’s now my laptop battle station.

The build quality is fantastic, the plastic desk portion is a firm and has no flex even with my massive laptop, and my wireless mouse doesn’t move an inch. The added side storage, cup holder and mouse bag is a fantastic touch as well.

I really have nothing negative to say about this product. Iv only had it a few nights so far and spent a few hours behind it and I can say that it is much more comfortable then sitting at a desk hands down.

I used the included Velcro to mount the laptop cooling pad and half keyboard which keeps everything from sliding even when moving from place to place in my couch.

If you need a couch gaming desk this is truly the best option on the market to date!’

For Business Casual Gamers: ✅ Cute Controllers Tie

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Fun, Quality Gift –

‘Excellent condition, packed well and exactly as described. I gave as a gift along with a tie pin and it looked very classy’

For Fortnite Fans: ✅ Fortnite Edition Monopoly

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Nothing like the old boring monopoly! –

‘It plays a lot faster and more intense than regular monopoly which was a nice twist. Quality was great!’

For Super Mario Fans: ✅ Super Mario Video Game Fleece Throw

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Cute! Very soft! Perfect gift for gamers. –

‘This was a gift and they LOVED it! Perfect for gamers. It is quite thin, so it’s not meant to be a blanket you use when you’re freezing cold or anything. It’s more like a nice throw for the couch when you’re watching a movie or something. It’s very soft! And the quality of the picture is well done, in my opinion.’

For Gag Gamers: ✅ Funny Valentine’s Day Card

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He loved it! –

‘I got my fiancé this for Valentine’s Day. It came quickly and in perfect condition like it was fresh off the press. I got him the MARIO one and it’s sooooo perfect as we play all the MARIO games together as soon as Nintendo releases them!’

For Sweating Gamers: ✅ Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

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quiet, powerful, effortless –

‘This is an air circulator not a typical fan .

It’s designed to circulate air in a room mixing all the cooler air lower to the floor with the hotter air higher near the ceiling while creating airflow all around the room vs the typical fan blowing air in no real pattern that works best pointed directly at you.

The vornado works amazingly well but there is a catch to it that most people don’t notice, don’t know or don’t always mention… In order to get great results you must experiment with placement of the vornato to find its sweet spot in that particular room. In other words the vornado doesn’t work well everywhere in the room and that sweet spot could be a place you really don’t want to keep it like the middle of the room, far corner of the room or maybe not near an outlet. If you don’t experiment with placement you may not be getting full results leaving you to believe it wasn’t worth it or it’s overrated when your just using it wrong.’

For Pokemon Fans: ✅ Poké-Cup

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Poké-Cup I CHOOSE YOU! –

‘Cute cup but it’s very small. It’s a good gift for a gamer.’

For Pikachu Gamers: ✅ Pokemon With Heart Greeting Card

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Great for couples who love Pokemon! –

‘THIS WAS ADORABLE! Bought this for my husband for valentine’s day—- PERFECT. The quality was great! He absolutely loved it.’

For Youtuber/Twitch Streamer Gamers: ✅ Professional Studio LED Panel

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This thing is Amazing – The Future of Filmmaking –

‘So first off, I know these seem pricy. I understand. I thought so too until I started trying to recreate all the features of these. I had a whole list of materials to allow for mounting directly to my desk, getting them to the right height, being able to easily and accurately adjust the light settings, and so on. Final price ended up being just shy of the cost of these.

So I bought two of these instead of trying to rig up a matching setup with multiple other pieces, and I am so glad I did. I had two of these unboxed, mounted, powered, and configured in less time than it would take to have set up one if I had gone the other route. I don’t need to adjust them that often, but being able to from the taskbar is a very nice feature.

I am a Youtuber and Twitch streamer. I am not even close to being a full-time “professional” at these things, but I still consider myself to be a professional and expect myself to work in a professional way. If you are needing something cheaper because you are doing the same thing and just getting started, that’s fine. Buy something cheaper. I did the same thing. But at this time in my efforts, I felt I needed some more professional-grade equipment and to me these are worth more than what I ended up paying.

UPDATE: If you are a Youtuber/streamer using a StreamDeck, then it is worth making sure you have the integration setup and then you can control these from the StreamDeck. You can change a lot of variables with these but for me, it was enough to just hit a button to cut off my room smart lights and turn these on so I’m ready to work.’

For Music Loving Gamers: ✅ Yamaha Sound Bar

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Insane sound for a good price –

‘I studied long and hard and debated bigger setup, separate sub, same make as TV (Sony) and went for what I know. I’ve had Yamaha gear for years (5:1 receiver when I was single), sound base in last house and this time wnt for basic soundbar.

Setup was easy – download app and off you go. No issues with arc from Sony tv. Alexa setup easy (need to figure out Alexa groups but that’s an amazon thing)

Impressed with music so far from Spotify – very good sound.

Tv surround pretty good

If you have a reasonable sized room and don’t want to annoy neighbours in an apartment this is plenty good enough!!’

For PC Gamers: ✅ VR Gaming PC

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Solid budget machine –

‘Motherboard: Asrock B360 Extreme micro ATX with 4 RAM slots.
GPU: EVGA GTX 1660 6gb
SSD: ADATA SU630 240gb
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1tb
Fans: Apevia RGB 120mm with controller and remote control.
Case is very cheap and light with a plexiglas window.
Included mouse is decent, not RGB but you can pick 8 or 9 different colors.
Keyboard is very cheap Chinese usb unit.
It is packed in a colorful box with all information written on it, so be aware, it might get stolen.
Packed really well with thick foam.
Got it on black Friday for $600 + tax. That is a great price for the components you get.
This is an entry level gaming PC which should run 1080p high settings at 60fps.’

For Minecraft Game Gamers: ✅ Light-up Wall Torch

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Perfect for bedrooms with floors NOT made from Sand and Gravel! –

‘Really nice light at a great price. Does not come with hardware, but you’ll only need a screw and a drill.’

For Gamers Who Love Exercises: ✅ Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones

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Kept my head warm with pretty good sound and ok style… –

‘#1: the beanie kept my bald head warm in 25 degree weather, so it gets a 5/5 for warmth. Pretty comfortable overall. I notice the speakers at first, but that fades quickly. 4/5 for comfort overall.

#2: the sound coming out of the little speakers is surprisingly good. Bass is ok, not great, treble is nice and clear. I’m not an audiophile, but the sound is pretty good for audiobooks/podcasts AND music. I’m pretty lenient on sound, but the speakers on this beanie are better than many of the el cheapo wireless earbuds sold here on Amazon. Its not Bose or Sennheiser, but they do sound pretty good to me. Half volume is good enough for me. Sound is 4/5 (which is a pleasant surprise to me).

#3: Looks. Ok, I’m old and ugly, so things will only look so good on me. This is probably not the best looking beanie in the world, but I’m officially old enough to not care anymore. The utility value of this hat is of higher value to me than the fashion sense of it. I’ve included pics to help you judge that for yourself lol. The company gets credit for the speakers not being obvious though. No big speaker bulge and nice choice putting the control buttons into a faux leather patch. Nicely done. 4/5 for looks overall.

Overall, despite my individual scores, I’m giving this thing a 5/5. It’s a niche product, I know. But, hey, you get a warm and comfortable winter hat, along with some pretty good sounding speakers for the price of $30. That’s ain’t too bad. I think this is one of those weird hybrid of products that would make a great gift for someone.’

For Star War Fans: ✅ Yoda Cupid Pop Up Card

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Unique well made fun cards for all occasions –

‘Pictures don’t reflect how awesome and detailed this card is. Even the backside is custom cut with Star Wars branding. The cloud city printed in pink, Yodas detail, and the card cover is high quality also. Easily worth it.’

For Yoda Fans: ✅ Baby Yoda T Shirt

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First T-shirt to leave me in awe… it’s so soft and looks really good –

‘My finacé is a Star Wars nerd and a pun lover; this shirt was a perfect gift for him. The shirt smells weird when you get it, but that’s only due to the printing process. It fits him great, and it smells wonderful after a wash.’

For Cute Nerdy Gamers: ✅ Pixel Art Heart Tee

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Can’t go wrong with this shirt. –

‘I bought this as a Christmas gift for my son, and he loves it. Only wish it came in tall sizes, too–he’s 6’7″.’

For Goofy Gamers: ✅ Goofy Tie Dye Retro Shirt

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Retro is Cool, and so is Goofy. –

‘I wanted a tie dye shirt, and when I found this one, I knew I had to have it. It’s a great design and I love the colors. I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case, if you’re buying anything tie dyed, you should wash it separately in case the ink bleeds.’

For Geeks Gamers: ✅ Personalized Man Cave Door Sign

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

Perfect for your man cave or home bar or professional bar even. –

‘Very Good Quality, Packaged well I love it…We get a lot of compliments on it…never ordered anything like this before so was skeptical at first but the price was great…I saw a simple exit sign at one of f the home improvement stores for 89 dollars so having this one customized for this price is a steal….I actually bought it to personalize our Smoke Bar (MAN CAVE) as you can see she made me put her name on it too!…lol’

For Gamers With Bad Posture: ✅ Adjustable Posture Corrector

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

Simple solution to my slouching –

‘My husband ordered this to correct his posture and has worn in about 8 hours per day for 2 weeks (give or take). His initial feedback was that his lower back felt better but his upper back was hurting/sore. This happened after a week and due to his back readjusting. In the second week, the soreness in the upper back has reduced. I think this should be part of the expectations when treating back issues – it gets worse before it gets better mentality. He actually looks like he grew an inch because his posture has definitely improved 🙂 Overall, he thinks it works as it is supposed to and is pleased thus far!’

For Picky Gamers: ✅ Smart LED Light Kit

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

Cheap Alternative to Nanoleaf –

‘Other than being smaller in overall size, these hexagonal lights are just as good as more popular brands like Nanoleaf. I especially love that each segment can display a variety of colors, much like the Lifx tiles can. The touch feature on the base unit is a really nice touch too. I definitely plan on getting several more of them in the future so I can experiment with wall mounting strands of them.’

For Legend Of Zelda Fans: ✅ Legend of Zelda Ocarina

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

this is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship –

‘If you are looking to buy an ocarina for a Legend of Zelda lover, look no further. Speaking as a LoZ lover/fanatic, buying the (pretend I typed the actual name) ocarina is a fantastic decision. Considering I bought this as a gift for myself, however, it was a terrible decision pre-holiday. I re-wrapped it twice (then gave up) because it magically ends up journeying with me out to the porch. This ocarina is a treat, for sure. It’s beautifully crafted and for a novelty item, well worth purchasing. Just another heads up, though–said ocarina can get very loud. Living in a subdivision, I have renamed the Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time soundtrack to “Canine Concerto in bark major,” as I can get several streets of dogs going off like we’re doing a rendition of the William Tell Overature. Cracks me up every time. Just buy it–whether the ocarina is for you or a loved one, it’s a great purchase to round out your collection and immerse yourself in the memories.’

For Cute Gamers: ✅ Zelda Love Card

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

That’s Adorable & Awesome ❤️ –

‘Just got this today for my Man. I plan to give it to him for Valentines Day along with some other things. This actually surprised me because it’s really simple yet wonderful. My Man loves video games & just asked me for a Legends of Zelda game so this will definitely make him happy.
There’s no problems with this card but if I was forced to say one negative thing, it would be that it has these little extra pieces on it like it was made in bulk & they weren’t able to cut off the extra card stock. They’re such small pieces that I can trim them off myself with no problem but like I said, that’s the only little issue with this card. Other than that, it’s perfect & I’m sure my Man will love it ????????’

For Gamers Of Back Pain: ✅ Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

????????????????????????WINNER‼️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ –

‘This is the ????WINNER ???? We bought three different shiatsu massager‘s, each from different vendors and one from Costco Wholesale. This was a clear winner because:
1️⃣ It’s comfortable enough to sit on when not in use.
2️⃣The gel offers a firm, deep but painless massage (the hard plastic on the other models were painful)
3️⃣Its quiet!
4️⃣The neck massager and the back massager we’re both adjustable in height. E.g. This feature allows the massager to fit my husband, me, and our 17 & 13 year old daughters.
5️⃣The control panel/remote isn’t cheap and as brittle feeling as the other brands.
6️⃣The neck massager is AMAZING on skinny petite and thick muscular necks!
7️⃣Has double seat vibrators. Other brands have 1 in the center which gets old.
8️⃣The heat is hot enough to warm, soothe and relax my muscles but not burn my bare skin like one of the other brands we tried.

If I could ask to have one feature added it would be a Low, Medium & High speed option. Besides that, this unit is top notch for this price range!!

????????????This is a phenomenal massager for the price range‼️ In our families opinion it offers way more deep tissue and relaxing options than all of the other massagers we tried out.’

For Game OF Thrones Fans: ✅ Handcrafted Viking Horn

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

Beautiful, good size, well made. –

‘I got this for my husband and he’s going to love it! It’ll hold at least a pint but looks like more. Plus, it’s really pretty and shiny but still super manly and feels well made and durable.’

For Travelling VR Gamers: ✅ Hard Case VR Gaming Headset & Accessories

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

Perfect case for Oculus Quest plus headphones and accessories –

‘I purchased this case because I didn’t want to wait for Oculus to get more Quest storage cases in stock. I also wanted more room for accessory storage. It’s a nice durable hard plastic outside finish with multiple layers of foam inside. Just draw out where you want things to go, then pluck the foam out. I spent all of 10 minutes from start to finish. I would not call this case compact. It is larger than necessary, but I also wanted to store my noise cancelling headphones in there as well. You haven’t truly experienced VR until you pair the Quest with quality headphones. This case helps keep the whole kit in one place. I do highly recommend saving a row of foam wide enough to place in front of your Oculus lenses. That way you have a barrier from any cords or power plugs sliding around and potentially scratching the lenses. This is way more practical than the small egg-shaped case from Oculus. The only downside is it’s larger and therefore not as compact and won’t fit in a backpack, but still should work fine as carry on during air travel.’

For Xbox Gamers: ✅ Controllers Charging Station

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See Current Price & Delivery Time!

A Must Have and Impressive Battery Life –

‘If you are an xbox player get these they are amazing rechargeable battery packs last a long time even with headset pluged into controller still last a long time.’

For The Messy Gamers: ✅ Glowing Extra Large Mousepad

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Razer killer on a budget –

‘Bought this mousepad a few months ago when i built my new gaming PC. It is large and soft. My gaming mouse works flawlessly on it for FPS games. This mouse pad fits both my full keyboard and mouse on it with plenty of room to spare. It is also soft and feels great. It also stays clean/clean-looking despite heavy use!

The best feature is the RGB lighting. There are several solid color options to choose from, as well as several multicolor options! There is also the option to leave the lights off if you don’t want them on.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase of this mousepad. It really gives you all the premium features of some of the more expensive mousepads out there from the bigger brands, but for a fraction of the cost! And the performance is great! I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for an extra large mouse pad!’

For Old Fashioned Gamers: ✅ Retro Insert Coin Keychain

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A MUST HAVE for Arcade Lovers and Nostalgia! –

‘A VERY well-made keychain that exceeded my expectations. From the moment the package arrived, I knew this was going to be a good one.

After opening the box, I was impressed to see how it was packaged. It had a plastic cover to protect the front face as well as a plastic battery saver to keep the battery fresh.

The product is solid metal with a plastic push button, just as advertised and feels just like the real machine with the textured face. The keychain is very heavy, as others have stated but it doesn’t bother me.

I believe this is a second manufacturing run because I’ve seen Kickstarter photos with a foam sheet protecting the keychain, and the light seemed to be on. It could’ve been just for the photo but it might also be why people received dead batteries. The new package has he battery savers.

In addition, the light only stays on for 6-7 seconds before turning off, as opposed to the advertised 30 seconds. Personally, I’m fine with this as it keeps the battery life up.

2 Phillips screws hold the back cover in which easily comes off to access the battery for replacing. It uses a single CR2032 cell battery.

Overall I am super impressed with the keychain, and already got my friends to purchase them. They also loved it. This is a great gift for anyone who loves that nostalgic arcade feeling and want a high-quality keepsake!’

For Gamers Who Loves Japanese Anime: ✅ Persona 5 Picture Guide Book

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A must have for Persona 5 fans! –

‘Incredibly, incredibly thorough – 500 pages is no joke! Keep in mind that it is in Japanese, though that doesn’t detract much from an art book. The English art book (releases Sept 26) is smaller by about 100 pages. This book includes some full page illustrations at the front, followed by early stage/finalized character and persona profiles (protagonists, villains, and side characters). Then there’s a section for miscellaneous things, like maps, tarot designs, and background images. Honestly, if the image was in the game, it’s in this book (there’s even a little section for all the stylized font in the game?!).

All that being said, this book contains massive spoilers, so please purchase this with that in mind.’

For Addicted Gamers: ✅ Bulk Snack Basket

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This box contains a large amount of chips, bars, cookies , crackers and more. –

‘I was totally surprised at the amount of goodies in this chest. I expected a full box but I just kept pulling some of the best products from this box. These were brand name items. I thought I had a lot of chips but when unpacking the box I found many surprises. Nobody could go wrong ordering this item. I was very impressed and will be ordering more. I used the goodies to make up a Large food basket and I had plenty left over for more baskets . I highly recommend this item . You could never be disappointed .’

For Gamers With Bad Circulation: ✅ Under Desk Foot Rest

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Your feet will love the comfort. –

‘I really like this foot rest pillow. I love the feel of the memory foam and the fact I can remove the cover and wash it. This footrest is multi-use for me. I use it at my desk to elevate my legs/knees which alleviates leg and back pain. If I have to sit for long periods of time I use it upside down to rock my feet which helps to improve circulation. You can also exercise your calves this way. I have found placing the foot rest in the lower back area helps with my posture at the computer which also helps with back pain. The footrest is of good quality and the price is very reasonable.’

What’s A Good Gift For A Gamer Boyfriend?

List of Ideal Gifts for Your Gamer Boyfriend

  • 1. Monitor backlight
  • 2. Gaming headset stand
  • 3. Retrogame console phone case
  • 4. Birdrock gaming chair
  • 5. Portable SSD
  • 6. Playstation vintage icon t-shirt
  • 7. Wireless video game controller
  • 8. Desktop pad
  • 9. Nomad base station pro
  • 10. PS4 controller charging stand
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