17+ Video Gamer Tattoo Inspiration: Playstation Vs Xbox Design Ideas For Men & Women (2021)

Are you a loyal fans of playstation or Xbox?

When the PlayStation gaming console brand started by Japanese electronics giant Sony back in 1994, gaming was a different world. There’s no denying that when it comes to the PlayStation, Sony’s gotten a lot right over the past couple of decades. Of course I loved Xbox too when Microsoft launched their own game console stystem. Afterall each company does have a few games exclusive to their platform, which can make all the difference.

If you are thinking of a Xbox or Playstation gamer tattoo for all the unforgettable nights and memories you spent with the games, this article is for you to read before decision.

Whether you are pursuing the graphic style of 80s and 90s retro game vibes, small simple contour design or today’s hyper-realistic gaming aesthetics, you will certainly find a playstation or xbox gamer tattoo ideas that you like from today’s article. 

Read on!

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PlayStation Tattoo

PlayStation Tattoo Small

PS Letter Tattoo Designs

PlayStation Tattoo Simple Designs

PlayStation Controller Tattoo

PlayStation Tattoo Finger

PlayStation Tattoo Sleeve

PlayStation Logo Tattoo

PS1 Tattoo

Xbox Controller Tattoo

Xbox Tattoo

Gamer Tattoo

Crash Bandicoot Tattoo

Call Of Duty Tattoo

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