How to Survive the Stronger Bears in DayZ

How to Survive the Stronger Bears in DayZ

In DayZ Standalone, a bear is an animal. Bears were introduced with the 1.06 update, and they appear to spawn more regularly than wolves. Bears are considered difficult to kill and are much more difficult to dispatch than wolves.

Bears can take a lot more shots than wolves or are diseased since they have 4x the health (402HP). When you don’t have much health or bullets, it’s best to avoid combat because a single hit from a Bear might cause you to bleed 1-4 times and knock you unconscious at the same time.

Bears also have a habit of hitting a player once and then fleeing. This only happens if you come too close to the animal and the bear defends itself. They’ll keep hitting the survivor until he’s dead if they’re being shot at.

Bears remain neutral unless shot at or a survivor approaches too close to it. If there is more than one Bear and you trigger one, they will all attack the survivor, just like the infected. They’ll also be annoyed with the survivor when they’re close by.

The Bear is also significantly faster than the survivor, reaching roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles per hour). This indicates that fleeing from a Bear is pointless. Bears cannot swim, so you must be able to jump into the water. Driving a car may easily stay nearby and not lose aggro.

DayZ is one of the most time-consuming survival games available, giving survival and staying alive a whole new meaning. Because there are so many hurdles in the game, most players’ goal is to stay alive for another minute.

Staying alive in the DayZ game is so difficult that you should put it out of your thoughts for the time being. Focus on improving your chances of surviving as long as possible before you die.

The bears have been re-skinned in DayZ update 1.14, and they’ve also gained a lot more strength. We’ll show you what’s new and how to defend yourself effectively.

A Few Things to Know about Stronger Bears in DayZ

1. Bears are vicious predators

DayZ Update 1.14 is one of the most significant updates in the game’s history. The bears are becoming stronger and can withstand a lot more, among other things. In addition, they can be re-skinned for a more attractive appearance and fluffy fur.

These cuddly-looking giants, however, should not be underestimated. You’re more of a cold-blooded killer than a yogi bear. If you have visual contact with them, they will most likely attack you, and you must now figure out how to survive or possibly bring the bears down.

Killing bears has been made more difficult: here’s how to survive a bear assault.

Bears are resilient in the face of adversity: You could knock out a bear with just a few targeted headshots in version 1.13.

2. That appears to be a simpler task

Bears will charge at you like a maniac and knock you out with a single hit. They might even murder you if you assault them first. It will be challenging to get six good headshots.

DayZ 1.14 takes twice as many bodies hit to kill a bear as it would with headshots. Read about Undetected Dayz Hacks to learn better.

3. Hold Still is the best tactic

What is the most effective survival strategy? Don’t get yourself into any problems. This also applies to DayZ’s bears: If possible, stay away from them.

If a bear from afar has observed you, lie down on the ground and don’t move! The public’s perception of bears is quite negative. Keep the T-Rex from Jurassic Park in the back of your mind.

If the bear attacks you anyhow, don’t be alarmed: as previously stated, it won’t kill you until you damage it. If you panicked and shot the battle giant, it transforms into a “beast” and assaults you relentlessly until you die.

4. In DayZ 1.14, here’s how you kill a bear

Now that you’ve decided to battle, you must be cautious: create a cover that a bear cannot readily penetrate. Bears aren’t extremely fast, yet they can leap over small obstacles. Instead, seek for • trees • gates • garbage mountains • concrete pillars • village small tunnels.

These covers can obstruct the bear AI’s pathfinding, trapping him. However, keep in mind that your fluffy opponent may still make it through or past. Because you must hold the bear directly across from you, your mobility is necessary, especially while dealing with trees. You’re about to start a fire.


You can also use bear traps to improve your chances of survival. They deprive the bear of a quarter of its life. Nothing should go wrong if you combine that with the cover approach. We wish you luck in your bear-killing endeavors!

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