23+ Best Gaming & Anime Tattoo Design Ideas For Video Game Lovers(2021)

Video games and tattoos both have gone from niche to mainstream within the last 30 years.

Avid gamers know that video games aren’t just a hobby; instead, they are an attitude, lifestyle, or even an obsession. Tattoo collectors think the same for their body art.

Tattoos for gamers should be cool and fun, but go beyond that to be a statement or an art piece that carries special memories and messages.

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Video Game Temporary Tattoos

☑️ Maybe try a small temporary gamer tattoo first? We did the research for you and these designs will look fun for adults and kids. Click the images and add to cart first!

✅ #1 Best Seller Tattoo Kit To Try At Home During Lockdown

‘I/we have zero experience with doing tattoos, I have several as does my brother but neither of us ever touched a tattoo machine. Well out of nowhere I decided this seemed like a great idea! Our wives disagreed but that didn’t stop us!
This setup along with approximately 4 minutes of extensive training via YouTube we were ready to go. Now as I stated no experience with tattooing and even less talented in art, we were ready to put needle to skin!
It is easy to use and worked incredibly well! I found that if someone draws something on me I can trace it/follow the lines pretty good! I can freehand tattoo stick figures like a champ! By the way, it is my new favorite tattoo!
Now on to the important stuff. The only part of description I thought seemed bad was the pedal. I thought about ordering a better pedal along with the kit but decided to wait in case I was totally horrible at tattoos but to my surprise the upgraded pedal is now included in the kit! As a matter of fact most everything that people complained about in reviews was upgraded! This seller should really take a moment to update the photos and descriptions. Another item was the power supply, it looks better than the one pictured!
Another thing I held off on buying was some expensive inks. People complained that it didn’t work at all or was faint or didn’t do anything correctly at all, if this is the problem, chances are you have your machine set up wrong! This ink worked great on our tattoos. Very bright and colorful. I hope to God it fades and disappears as we did end up with some questionable stuff! Not all was bad though!
Seriously though watch videos and read up up while you wait for your delivery! You will see that most bad reviews about this setup are all user error! When you break it all down, tattoo machines are a simple machine and there isn’t much to go wrong. You can’t just throw on a tube and a needle and go. If you set it up wrong you will end up with a prison tattoo that was done with a staple and a burnt plastic checkers piece. If your not going to follow the directions and learn before you start, just sharpen up a staple and go crazy.
Keep everything sterile and don’t reuse anything, replacement needles etc. Are cheaper than an infection! The art is forever, unless you get an infection and lose an arm or something!
Remember that this is a real tattoo machine and the tattoo is forever! Also if it seems to painful, it may be the placement! Some parts of your body hurt way more than others!
Another thing I have recently found out is that some very talented artists can’t tattoo to save their life and then you got people who have no artistic talent but can tattoo with a stencil/flash incredibly well!
Use the practice skin or bananas work great before you go for that face tattoo you’ve been wanting! Or put it where the sun don’t shine?
Remember I am not a professional. I am not even an amateur. I am not even qualified enough to sweep the floor of a tattoo studio, but after reading some reviews and hearing some other stories, maybe some of this review may help someone!
This is way cheaper than going to a professional shop, it may not be as good but you just keep practicing and you will get better! Don’t quit and it will pay for itself in one use guaranteed!’ – Amazon customer

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