When To Replace Headset – Use Headphones For Better Audio Quality (2021)

Many pieces of portable equipment on offer today come with
their own headphones as standard. But that is exactly what
they are-standard!

For a little extra spending the sound quality can be
improved tremendously.

Many ipods and mp3 players come with the ‘ear-bud’ type
headphones but for as little as $20 dollars you can get a
‘clip-on’ style that fits over the ear much like a pair of

Design has improved of late and the earpiece does tend to
stay where it was supposed to stay.

For something that looks a little more ‘cool’ the style on
the street is the ‘behind the head’ style headphones.

These became popular some time back and the improvement in
sound justifies the price tag of about $50 for the better
quality sets.

Beware though, not all of us have the same size head and
trying it on for size is a must! Also, some of these are
‘open’ style which means sounds can leak out and in.

Be careful if you want to use them in quiet areas e.g.
libraries etc.

Then come the ‘fold down’ portables. Less portable than the
others mentioned here but still good quality sound. Some
fold down flat and are great for packing but others fold
into a ball like shape. These can prove difficult to carry

So for less than $50 – in some cases $20 – the sound from
your equipment can be improved tremendously. If you really
like music perhaps you should give this a try!

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