4 Tips to Improve Your Mac Gaming Experience

Tips to Improve Your Mac Gaming Experience

Other than the regular work, people also love to play games on their computer, be it their Windows PC or the much-hyped Apple Mac that comes in different designs and specifications. But is a MacBook good for gaming? That can be a difficult question to answer.

We have generally heard about gaming on PCs, but gaming on Mac is rather rare to hear. This is because many Windows computers have been specifically designed and optimized for it.

On the other hand, a MacBook is superb for professional work and great for productivity, but it is simply not suitable for gaming as it is not designed or optimized for the same. When the talk is about computer games, most of them are compatible with Windows operating systems, and Windows users have a good gaming experience on them.

So, we bring before you several ways in which you can improve your Mac gaming experience.

#1. Free Up Disk Space

One of the best ways to improve your gaming experience on your Mac is to get more space by freeing up storage. Keep cleaning the disk regularly so that cache files, temp files, and any other unwanted data get removed and do not occupy space unnecessarily.

The more the space and less the clutter on your system’s disk, the better it performs, thereby giving you an enriched gaming experience. Else, if the disks are overloaded, the computer may keep on hanging, and thereby give you degraded performance, be it for professional work or gaming.

So, make it a routine to declutter and clean your computer’s hard drive for optimized performance. This suggestion goes well with all the operating systems and digital devices as it improves the overall performance multifold.

#2. Use Gaming Controller

Use Gaming Controller

To play games on your Mac, it is advised that you make use of a controller as it takes your gaming experience to heights, especially for racing games and platformers. You can use different controller types – wired or wireless, official console controllers, or other general controllers, depending on availability and your convenience.

On the other hand, for strategy games and shooters, a keyboard and a mouse are equally good and enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, if you are an avid player who likes to play online games for longer hours, you should get a wrist rest for comfort.

#3. Try Different Game Clients

The next piece of advice is to use different clients to get games on your Mac system. This is because it becomes possible for you to get more games at less price. Obviously, the 1st place from where you should get games is the Mac App Store. This App Store has a sidebar tab for games marked as Play.

Moreover, Apple updates it regularly to offer more features and games. But then the downside is that it is comparatively costlier than other stores. It rarely provides any discount to attract users. The other places from where you can get Mac games are Steam, Humble Bundle, Blizzard’s Battle.net, and Origin.

  • Steam – Until now, Steam, Valve’s marketplace for gaming, is the biggest and free-of-cost library that offers Mac-compatible games. You can download this desktop app and create an account to open gates to Mac games.
  • Humble Bundle – It is a website that sells games at a discounted price; plus, as some of the profits go to charity, it attracts players’ attention.
  • Blizzard’s Battle.net – It is a Mac-compatible platform that runs games such as Diablo III and World of Warcraft. Therefore, if you are interested in playing these games, you can visit the platform.
  • Origin – This is EA’s platform which is available for Mac. However, it has limited Mac compatible games, so you will not have too many options.

Bonus Tip: Run Windows OS by using Boot Camp

Run Windows OS by using Boot Camp

If you have been using Windows for a long time and switched to Mac recently but are still struggling to get along with macOS, you can use Windows on your Mac platform. This is also the solution because though loaded with high-end software and hardware capabilities, Mac’s gaming compatibility is not considered as good as Windows.

The Mac Operating System lags behind Windows in many available software titles. But the question is how you can use Mac on Windows. The answer to your query is Boot Camp. You can use macOS native Boot Camp Utility as it empowers you to install Windows OS on your Mac computer.

To know the method to install Windows, you can go through its user guide. Further, boot it up and get set for super gaming.


Though there are more ways to improve the Mac gaming experience, these tips are enough to enhance your gaming on Mac. And in case you are looking for even more tips, getting a comfortable chair and wireless peripherals are a few budget-friendly ways to improve gaming.

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