Sports Earphones With Mic : Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out (2021)

Headphones have been around for many years but in these days of health and fitness regimes it has become apparent that specialized headsets are necessary.

Normal portable headsets virtually bounce off the head when the user is jogging or such like and can distract from the aim of the exercise.

Others are far too big or cut out all of the peripheral sound potentially placing the user in a dangerous position.

Imagine being deep into the exercise with the music adding to the intensity. The user could easily run into a busy road or into another dangerous position without being fully aware.

Apart from fitting securely the headphone set must be easy to clean and also be able to be used in low temperatures. Added ability to resist sweat and humidity is also a requisite for this type of headset.

Some headphones come with a lanyard, ideal for joggers, with removable straps to attach the player to a neckband if necessary.

Others come with extension cords so that the player can be carried in the pocket.

Perhaps the most unusual headphone set yet is the one replacing the headband model. The LX 70 sports model consists of a thin flexible plastic tube with a metal inner core.

It is impossibly light and yet extremely tough and is possibly one of the best sets for sports available. The price is around $55.

Whichever sport you play it is imperative that you find exactly the right model that fits the sport you play.

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