Old Gaming Systems : Retro Game Console With Built-in Games (2021)

Porting classic arcade games into consoles has become
the latest rage in the gaming industry. The trend
clearly affirms the fact that arcade games are not

The gamers are not an elderly bunch of people who grew
up on these titles. Kids are also addicted to it. The
games have been revamped graphically but never shed
the addictive game play which, of course, is the part
and parcel of every game.

Arcade games have not been graphically interesting,
but this move successfully negates the fact that the
popularity of a game largely depends on its game play
and not seemingly awe-inspiring graphics.

This phenomenon has also triggered a resurrection of
arcade games and made it popular among online gamers.
Arcade games are also being ported into handheld
consoles like PSP.

This clearly indicates the popularity of arcade

Some of the ported titles are:

Geometry Wars – The game was a classic when it was
released back in 80’s. The upgrade features high end
particle physics, digital sound, new special effects,
a new scrolling area and high end graphics.

It is set in the far reaches of the galaxy where you
battle hordes of vile, neon blazoned aliens. It also
lets you choose between the old version and the
updated version.

Pac-man – The all time classic has been upgraded with
high definition graphics. The game still retains the
original game play and the charming retro look.

The newer version features 250 levels of pure action
packed fun. The game retains the original music and
sound score that the fans remember so well.

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