Gaming Room Soundproofing

This article is going to show you how to design a gaming room soundproofing plan. These will help reduce the sounds from outside and dampen unwanted noises from inside the game room, but also can be used as soundproofing doors for the rooms if desired.

The most important factor to consider when deciding on soundproofing your gaming room is the type of wall that you have. It may seem like a simple decision, but it can make all the difference in the world!

If you’re lucky enough to have thick drywall then great! You’ll be able to get away with just using a good quality material such as fiberglass or masonry board (MOB). But if you’re not so lucky, there are other options.

Why Soundproof Your Gaming Room?

The most common reason to soundproof your gaming room is to reduce the noise level coming from your surround sound system.

Most people assume that it’s only the sound from your gaming speakers and subwoofer that you need to worry about, but this is not true. In fact, the bass coming from your computer speakers can be just as loud as those coming from your home theater system.

You can get away with this if you have no neighbors nearby or a large enough room, but what about in an apartment?

You would likely want to find some way to soundproof your gaming rooms so you don’t disturb and inconvenience anyone nearby. Nothing ruins a gamer’s groove faster than someone interrupting you while you’re off fighting enemies on your monitors.

Here are the best soundproofing materials for gaming rooms: 


There’s no denying that drywall is the most common option for soundproofing gaming rooms because it’s cheap and easy to install.

The only downside? It won’t do much against noise traveling through pipes or ducts from another room, which means that if you want complete silence during game night then this isn’t going to cut it.

If you want to use drywall to soundproof your gaming room, though, make sure to get a soundproof drywall the best outcome, instead of the standard drywall.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic panels are another good option for soundproofing your gaming room. They’re usually made of foam that’s covered in either vinyl or fiberglass and they have a very similar look to drywall.

Depending on the brand and type, they either form tiles or studs. When they’re installed, all the noises that would normally bounce off of walls will be absorbed by it.

Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are thick, heavy blankets that can be used to protect furniture when it’s being moved. However, you could also use it to soundproof your gaming room, because its thick fabric will absorb intrusive sounds to create a soundproof wall.

You could apply them to your gaming rooms in many different ways, including nailing or taping them along your walls. If your gaming room has windows leading outside, you can even hang these blankets over them to block outdoor noises from reaching inside your gaming room.

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