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Do you love gaming? The most avid gamers usually have their specific gaming rooms. If you don’t have one yet, you might be considering getting one. Or perhaps you already have one, and you’re looking for some way to spruce it up.

There are many options for designing your own gaming room. Lots of resources for inspiration exist on the Internet, one of them being 3D blender models.

3D blender models are fantastic to use as a point of reference when designing your own gaming room. Unlike real-time pictures and videos of actual gaming rooms, 3D models offer us a clear view of the entire layout of the room.

This way, we can get the full picture of what a certain gaming room design may really look like.

Here are some gaming room ideas created by 3D simulator software:

Retro Vaporwave Gaming Room

You can refer to a 3D gaming room model that is inspired by the 80s, with a futuristic touch. The retro vaporwave is a style that can be both seen as from the past as well as from the future.

There are several retro-inspired decorations and furniture pieces that you could incorporate to your gaming room to embody this concept.

For one, you could add vaporwave inspired wall decorations around your room, such as in the form of posters. You could also add colored LED lights to add a little more life, as the retro style usually has bright neon pops of color.

To bring this vision to life, you can go all out and try to get authentic retro decorations. For example, you could use some of the original old school gaming consoles such as Atari and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis systems as display pieces, or even an original PlayStation 1 console.

Futuristic Cyberpunk Multi-Floor Gaming Room

If you want to focus more on the far future, you could commit to a futuristic and cyberpunk concept for your gaming room.

Generally, it features a dark and bold theme with sci-fi elements. There are several futuristic decor items that you can use to add extra character to your gaming room. Look for furniture that has a sleek, geometrical look, like it could be from a cyberpunk movie.

Like the retro style, you can also add LED lights to make it look even more techy. If possible, take that extra step further by including LED strips along your floors, and the edges of your stairs, if you have any.

Simple Bedroom Gaming Setup

Perhaps you don’t really have the energy or budget to invest in a super bold and super specific gaming room design. Maybe you don’t even have the room for a gaming room, and have to fit your gaming setup into the cramped space of your bedroom.

In that case, there are many ways to add one or two decorations that are simple, but distinct enough to give your gaming-slash-bedroom space a more personal feel. For one, you could add some small lamps with colorful shades to accentuate the color scheme of your room.

You can also take an extra step further by investing in one set of ambience lights that are customized to represent yourself, such as a neon sign that spells out a personal phrase or quote.

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