Corsair Gaming Mouse: Scimitar Pro RGB vs. Scimitar RGB Elite

If you love computer gaming then you’ll need to have a high-quality mouse. With Corsair, you’ll have plenty of great options available. Two of the best are the Scimitar Pro RGB and the Scimitar RGB Elite but which one is better? That’s what we wanted to find out.

While the Scimitar Pro RGB is a brilliant option, we think that the Scimitar RGB Elite edges the contest. It’ll help you gain a greater advantage over your competitors and have some excellent features. Here we’ll break down the advantages it has.

Why the Scimitar RGB Elite Wins


For practically the same price, with this new model, it is possible to obtain higher performance in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. The Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor outperforms the previous version. It achieves a maximum resolution of 18,000 DPI, increasing the responsiveness and accuracy of the sensor.

This optical sensor detects and reacts to smaller movements. For high-resolution displays and tracking games, this feature is definitely a plus.

The PMW3367 sensor of the Scimitar Pro RGB achieves great precision with its 16000 DPI. It is a high-quality performance for shooters who prefer to play at low mouse resolutions to aim more accurately.

However, with the Scimitar RGB Elite you will have this same outstanding feature besides you will get the mouse to move much faster across the screen. The result is that you will maximize your performance in the game.

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For MMO or MOBA games, this mouse stands out for its versatility. It integrates precision with speed to execute actions. You will have a higher-speed tracking engine that can be adjusted in 1 DPI increments, adapting to your gaming needs.

Both models are customizable, with little margin for error in reading mouse movements when adjusted correctly. To take advantage of the settings of any Corsair Gaming Mouse, you also need to consider gaming characteristics and pad quality.

With the Scimitar RGB Elite, you will have more leeway in DPI to experiment with the different settings to find the one you feel most comfortable with and maximize your gaming abilities.


This third generation of the Scimitar Gaming Mouse increases the durability of the buttons by 150%. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most underrated aspects of a gaming mouse. You’re likely going to be using it for millions of clicks over its lifespan so you need to ensure it’ll cope.

While the Scimitar Pro RGB is designed for 20 million clicks, the mouse button durability in the Elite version is 50 million clicks.  The Omron switches in this model are the most durable switches designed by Corsair to date.

If you have already reached the optimal development of your gaming skills, why stay with a few clicks to deploy them? Increase your gaming sessions’ time with the assurance that your gaming is not decreasing its useful life, even if you play all day.

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The scroll wheel is further stronger on the Scimitar RGB Elite. Likewise, the cable strength, mouse body, and the rest of the accessories remain as robust as the Pro model. The durability is guaranteed and it won’t let you down in the heat of battle.


There is still a debate about what gamers prefer. A mouse that is too heavy can sink you in a game, and one that is too light can cause your aim to go astray.

Corsair manufacturers know that weight often affects the gaming experience. That is why in this new version they decreased the weight by 17%. It seems like a minimal range but, coupled with the increase in DPI, the Scimitar RGB Elite considerably increases the mouse response speed. Specialized MMO and MOBA gamers appreciate this new feature.

The Scimitar Pro RGB weighs 147g while the Scimitar RGB Elite weighs 122g without the cable. Specialized players rate the gaming experience for the first version as excellent, so with this minor difference, you can anticipate improvements.

You will always need an adaptation period to your gaming mouse’s new weight.  You will need to calculate the force required to move it and its response when in contact with the surface. Once you get used to the Scimitar RGB Elite, you won’t want to replace it because it strikes the perfect balance between weight and precision.

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Great Common Features

The two Corsair Scimitar gaming mice help you perform complex actions saving many seconds between each one. Both models have 17 programmable buttons for macros and remapping. Five buttons are placed on the top, while the remaining 12 are on the side. Instant access to custom macros is a perfect feature for MMOs and MOBAs, all your favorite skills right at your thumb.

Both are designed to improve your productivity. Spending a little time and attention to additional buttons’ configuration, you will have 17 more possibilities than with a conventional mouse. And there is more: multiply these possibilities by three. The Corsair Scimitar both offers store up to 3 memory profiles. As a result, you can adjust your lighting and macro settings once, and you will not have to configure them again for future games.

Key Common Features

Here take a look at the bets features shared by both mice:

  • Low and responsive click latency so when you play, you won’t notice any lag
  • Pretty solid construction but slides smoothly
  • Patented key slider to change the position of the side buttons according to your grip preferences
  • Resistant to drops or bumps with a strong aluminum body
  • Strong braided cable long enough to maneuver
  • Ergonomic palm grip design

Final Thoughts

The truth is that both of these mice are exceptionally good for gaming. As we’ve seen, they both share many brilliant features that you’ll love. The low latency, solid construction and wide range of useful features make them great options.

If we were to choose one then it’d have to be the Scimitar RGB Elite. It’s slightly better in terms of performance as shown by its DPI and it’s even more durable. It’s the perfect gaming mouse and one you’ll enjoy using.

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