Classic Gaming : Play Arcade Games Online With Friends (2021)

The most popular online games are Pac-man, Pong,
Bejeweled and Street Fighter. These games have a
timeless virtue that keeps them alive even in today’s
world of hi-definition graphics and sophisticated game


Joust is a classic arcade game that puts you in the
role of a knight with a lance while mounted on an
ostrich. The game screen is a simple static screen
with five platforms hanging in mid air.

The enemies come in wave after wave from the one end
of the screen. They appear at the screens in four
different spawn points. To destroy an enemy knight one
has to collide with the knight at a higher position.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo. The game was the
pioneer in the platform genre as the game play
basically revolved around maneuvering.

The main character comes across a series of platforms
while dodging various obstacles. The hero of the game
and a giant ape named Donkey Kong has become the most
popular game characters.

Despite an initial slow down, the game went on to
become a tremendous success. Consequently, the game
was developed for personal consoles.

Crimson skies

Crimson Skies is an arcade flight game developed by
FASA. The game was released as a flight simulator with
an arcade touch. Flight control scheme is fairly
simple. The take off and landing are completely

Players can choose from a fleet of fighters, all
loaded with magnetic rockets and Tesla coils. The game
has recently been released on Xbox.

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