5 Best Controller For Apex Legends (2024) – Xbox, PS4, PC, Budget

To choose the best controller for Apex Legends, you need to consider 4 main factors

  • Whether the controller supports your system – PC, Xbox, or PS4?
  • Budget – ZD T gaming controller is good for strict tight, Logitech F710 will be more high-end and advanced if you have the budget.
  • Ergonomic – It is an important and often overlooked factor for serious gamers.
  • Wired or wireless – Distance to console, charging, connection issues, versatility – you need to make a decision base on your gaming room limitations.

To help you elevate your game, here are the top 5 best controllers for Apex Legends for 2024.

✅ The Best Multi-platform Controller For Apex Legends – The Xbox One Controller

‘The controller works great with PC. However, out of the box the Bluetooth feature does not play well with Steam. In order to get it to work, there are a few steps you’ll have to do.

1. Download the Xbox Accessory App on the Microsoft store.
2. Connect the controller with a USB-C cable
3. Update the controller
4. Pair with windows Bluetooth devices
5. Start steam and it should recognize it as Xbox Series X/One controller.

5(a). If you paired it before doing these steps (like me). Follow steps 1-3, then go to “Bluetooth devices” remove the device and repair it. Then it should work with no issue.

Build: The controller itself is very sturdy and has nice textured grips on the back as well as the triggers. Size is pretty similar to previous Xbox controllers.

Battery: I can’t really comment on battery life since I just got it but I would imagine many of you will have some form of rechargeable battery.

Wireless: I haven’t had any issues since pairing it nor experience any types of interference with my other wireless peripherals. The range seems good, I’m roughly 15ft away from my TV/desktop.

Overall, it’s a much better controller then my ps4 controller. It plays well with Windows 10 as one would hope and once setup with Steam the buttons are automatically mapped.’ – Great controller for PC

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✅ The Best PC Controller For Apex Legends – Logitech Gamepad F710

‘Works really well. Battery life is long and I love that it’s not a rechargeable internal battery, which loses its charge after a year or two. The batteries are replaceable so the controller stays functional for years and years. Connectivity is excellent, buttons press nicely and there are no lags between button presses and reaction. This works great on Windows 10, absolutely no compatibility issues.’ – Excellent Product

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✅ The Best PS4 Controller For Apex Legends – DualShock 4

‘Best control ever. Don’t buy off- brand controllers. Nothing can compare to the original.’ – Nothing beats original

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✅ The Best Xbox Controller For Apex Legends – Razer Wolverine Ultimate

‘My husband is in the military and we both love gaming. Not only does the press of the button have a good tactile feel, the response is quick and just feels right. Being able to have extra paddles on the back really helps eliminate extra movements, and for those interested in upping their APM with a controller, or improve the accuracy of FPS games by not having to remove your fingers from the joysticks, this is a winner.

Practically speaking, it awesome for the case. It keeps the controller safe even taken traveling, and in this case, is very often. It was an early Christmas gift, and since then, all I hear is good feedback from the hubby.’ – Worth The Price

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✅ The Best Cheap Controller For Apex Legends – ZD T Gaming Controller

‘It worked right out of the box, and as soon as I plugged it into my PC. The controls are responsive, and the controller has a nice heft to it. It’s not as heavy as an Xbox One controller, but it feels just as solid, and fits comfortably in my hands. The controller itself actually lights up, which is great for night gaming (which is usually what I do). It also has vibrate function and, for me, clicking the home button on the center of the controller pops open Steam, which is a handy feature!

If you’re looking for a great balance between price and quality, this is your controller.’ – I’ve Got This Under Control

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