A Pick Of The Best Gaming Mouse In 2024 – Logitech G502 LightSpeed Introduction And How Great It Is

If you read our reviews on the best gaming keyboards, you saw that Logitech had the best wireless option with their G915 LIGHTSPEED. Now you can complete the combo by getting the best wireless gaming mouse, the G502 LIGHTSPEED. These two go perfectly well together, forming the ultimate wireless gaming setup.

You’re going to pay quite a bit more for this accessory. But the quality you get is unrivaled. Gamers often steer clear of wireless keyboards and mice because their response times can be hit-or-miss. Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED series completely crushes any concerns for the delay.

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  • The perfect companion to the G915
  • Great weight and balance
  • Loads of customization
  • Intuitive weight system
  • Quick response time

When you enter a command, you’re looking at no greater than 1 millisecond of time between input and response. You’ll be able to play from afar in the comfort of your favorite chair without fear of lagging behind in your game.

Just looking at the G502 tells you that there is something special about this mouse. It is built with the ingenuity of a spacecraft and looks just as complex. For the serious gamer, this is exactly what you want.

The G502 sports RGB lighting technology that allows you to customize the mouse with over 16 million colors. You can program it to display different colors for each game, giving you better immersion and personalization.

There are a total of 11 buttons and a scroll wheel on the G502 that can be customized. You can assign different commands to each one for the ultimate versatility. This mouse is also equipped with a weight system.

There are 6 small weights that can be removed or added to give the mouse just the right balance and feel. Is the G502’s 13-ounce weight too much for you? Simply take off one or two of these small units for the perfect amount of weight.

This is a great feature that lets your mouse better accommodate different games. For strategies, you may want less weight, while with shooters you may want more. These small-weight units are a cinch to use, helping to add a layer of realism to your gameplay.


  • 1-millisecond response time
  • 11 customizable buttons
  • 60 hours of gameplay
  • Weighs 13 ounces
  • 16,000 DPI

Ease of Use

Beginners will likely be overwhelmed with everything the G502 has to offer. But for hardcore gamers, this mouse is exactly what’s needed to edge out the competition. With its many programmable features, you get everything you need for a better gaming experience.


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